Expression Encoder 2 MIX sessions

Here are some of the sessions at MIX08 that highlighted or included Expression Encoder: Overview of Expression Encoder 2 Encoding Video For Microsoft Silverlight Delivery Scenarios Integrating Media Into Silverlight Applications (around 0:41:00) Silverlight and Advertising (around 0:40:50) Day one KeyNote  (around 1:09:50)


T09 at MIX is done

Charles and I presented our Session at MIX08 on Expression Encoder 2 this morning.  It went reasonably well.  With luck the video should appear here shortly.  We’ll re-publish it on the blog sometime next week. We also have a couple of other MIX videos to publish soon.  In the meantime, here are some pix that…


Announcing Expression Encoder 2

Helloooo from Mix 08.. we can finally talk about what the Expression Encoder team have been up to for the last 6 months. Let’s talk (and apologies in advance for the length of this post!). Today we are announcing Expression Encoder 2, the second version of Microsoft’s contemporary video authoring platform. In a nutshell we…


Hello from Mix 08

Charles and I have arrived here at The Venetian ready for Mix08. Our session is currently blacklisted but should appear here shortly: If you are attending and want to meet up with us, do send email. Need to test that image uploading is working so here is a view from my window: