Expression Encoder 2 MIX sessions

Here are some of the sessions at MIX08 that highlighted or included Expression Encoder: Overview of Expression Encoder 2 Encoding Video For Microsoft Silverlight Delivery Scenarios Integrating Media Into Silverlight Applications (around 0:41:00) Silverlight and Advertising (around 0:40:50) Day one KeyNote  (around 1:09:50)


T09 at MIX is done

Charles and I presented our Session at MIX08 on Expression Encoder 2 this morning.  It went reasonably well.  With luck the video should appear here shortly.  We’ll re-publish it on the blog sometime next week. We also have a couple of other MIX videos to publish soon.  In the meantime, here are some pix that…


Announcing Expression Encoder 2

Helloooo from Mix 08.. we can finally talk about what the Expression Encoder team have been up to for the last 6 months. Let’s talk (and apologies in advance for the length of this post!). Today we are announcing Expression Encoder 2, the second version of Microsoft’s contemporary video authoring platform. In a nutshell we…


Hello from Mix 08

Charles and I have arrived here at The Venetian ready for Mix08. Our session is currently blacklisted but should appear here shortly: If you are attending and want to meet up with us, do send email. Need to test that image uploading is working so here is a view from my window:


Video: Hello World

Welcome to the new Expression Encoder team blog!  As Charles says in the video, we plan on posting a bunch for hints and tips over the coming weeks.  We also encourage you to give us your feedback. All of our video blog posts are made with Expression Encoder and published using Silverlight on the Silverlight Streaming by…