Expression Encoder 4 SP2 released!

A new service pack is now available for Expression Encoder 4, which includes over 300 bug fixes as well as these new features:

General Encoding

Support for Intel QSV GPU encoding (Pro only) – GPU-accelerated encoding has added support for the Intel HD Graphics GPU included in Sandy Bridge processors, in addition to the improved Nvidia CUDA support. You can use both of these devices when encoding for increased speed and performance. More information available here. QSV and Cuda performance reports are also available.

Support for 1 and 2-pass VBR for offline H.264 encodes (Pro only) – You can now select 1-pass VBR for MP4 encodes as well as both 1-pass and 2-pass VBR for H.264-based Smooth Streaming encodes.

Support for more AAC audio options (Pro only) – You can now choose multiple-channel audio along with more bitrate and sample rate options when you use the AAC codec.

Support for SRS audio encoding – You can now choose to enable SRS to convert an audio stream from multiple audio channels to two SRS 5.1 surround sound channels.


Manage publishing points from within Expression Encoder (Pro only) – In a Live Broadcasting Project, you can now create, restart or update publishing points on an IIS Smooth Streaming server. You can also choose to automatically update a broadcast’s EventID.

Live crop – You can now crop your live or file sources in a Live Broadcasting project.

Support for Windows Media Streaming MBR in a Live broadcast – You can now add multiple bitrate streams to your WM Streaming broadcast in a Live Broadcasting Project.

Support for Live H.264 VBR 1-pass (Pro only) – You can now select 1-pass VBR encoding for H.264-based Live Smooth Streaming encodes.


No Screen Capture limit – The 10-minute Screen Capture limit has been removed from Expression Encoder.

Follow mouse cursor – You can now enable the screen capture area to follow your mouse cursor in Screen Capture.

Template improvements – Offline playback of DRM content, SRS playback support, improved TTML support, audio volume on startup, auto-repeat, etc.

New SDK samples – Following your requests and suggestions, we added 5 C# and 6 VB.NET samples, including a thumbnail generator, a performance tool and a Live console application.


Let us know what you think! Thanks.

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  1. multilive says:

    good news for wm customer.

  2. Trevor Sullivan says:

    Nice work guys!

  3. Fantastic update. I still have a suggestion though — Expression Encoder Pro's handling when bandwidth gets constrained (even temporarily) is to just give up, hang for awhile then error out. It'd be nice if it could adapt somehow, rather than killing the stream entirely.

  4. I am still getting the "a network error has occurred cause the encode to stop" all the time! I am trying to run the h.264 baseline, 2 bitrates (596, 400 kbps). I'm on cable and my CPU is not on 100%. I have activaed GPU encoding under options. I have a Nvidia Quadro card.

    I know this is a very common issue and I would have hoped it to be resolved in this service pack.

  5. Eric says:

    We were forced to switch to Flash Media Live Encoder because of this reason. I didn't want to, but our stream's reliability was so unpredictable that we couldn't ever make it through an event.

    Some suggestions, after having used the Flash software:

    – Publishing options allow both a primary AND a back-up publishing URL

    – An auto-adjust setting allows you to specify how to degrade the stream if available bandwidth drops

    – When the network drops and recovers the stream just picks up and keeps going. You can literally pull the network cable out of the streaming PC then plug it back in, and the streaming software will keep trucking along.

    Expression's "die-on-error" reaction makes it, unfortunately, unable to compete with Flash for live events — even though Expression has way better features…

  6. RD says:

    are there any new system or hardware upgrades needed for SMF playback of smooth streams encoded w/ h.264 2-pass VBR?

  7. Lee West says:

    I am getting an "Unspecified Error" with SP2 when doing live encoding. SP1 works fine and nothing has changed server wise

  8. Hi Miccrosoft,

    Could you please provide answers to our questions?

    If this isn't the right forum for this then please let us know.




  9. Similar to Lee West.

    Getting a login popup. enter whatever username, password. Can connect, but getting  "Unspecified Error" when start doing live encoding. Upgrade from Pro to SP1 then SP2 as well as upgrade from Pro directly to SP2. Both getting the error.

  10. Emi says:

    I didnt use Encoder in a while since i didn't need to but today i installed it released how amazing it is!

    so it makes me think how I REALLY hope Encoder 4 Screen Capture will be able to be used as a virtual camera, so it could be used on Xsplit or Wirecast or FMLE.

    because seriously, its an amazing Capture software! it captured some games wirecast, xsplit, Dxtory, SCFH, couldn't grab.

    only software like Fraps but they said they wouldn't make a live output and of course it records games not desktop or software. so it would be nice if Screen capture could be used for live streaming in next version (hopefully soon), especially since Encoder can live stream, but of course sites like Justin/twitch is flash based.

    anyway nice SP2 and hopefully we can get next version Encoder 5 soon!

  11. Gopal says:

    Why there is no sample codes for VC++

  12. Slick Willie says:

    New version Encoder screen capture won't even start on my machine.

  13. JUDE says:


  14. lspooner says:

    I guarantee you, Jude, there are thousands of people who got it to work with very few problems.  You not knowing how to get it to work, or the basic troubleshooting methods required by ALL software, is testament to your own ignorance.

  15. Alan B says:

    Shush Jude, the grown-ups are talking

  16. Chris P says:

    Does the "Expression Encoder" too set have to be installed on a target machine before deploying an application the uses the Expression Encoder SDK?

  17. Randy E says:

    What happened to the zoom hot key in SP2?

    Is there another way to zoom?

  18. Klaus says:

    How about a download link?

  19. tskaahyeah says:

    Am I allows to monetize videos and streams created by the free version of Microsoft expression encoder?

    Is there any Link to the license agreement that allows me to do so?

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