SharePoint 2010 publish plugin released

Hi everyone, we just posted a publish plugin to upload your output directory to the new SharePoint 2010 Asset libraries.  Check it out:



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  1. steve says:

    i would like to know why expression encoder 4 freezes up during useage. we use it for internet broadcasts and at times it just freezes up on us.



  2. Jamie Lang says:

    Steve, please post your issues on the Expression Encoder forum.…/threads

    It gets a lot more traffic.  Please post with the following information:

    What OS are you using?  32/64bit?

    What Live devices/file devices are you using?  File extension/codecs, hardware make/model

    Are you doing live smooth streaming, broadcasting, publishing to Windows Media Services?

    What codec are you using?  VC-1, H.264

    How long does it take to freeze?  

    When it freezes, what does the Task Manager show for CPU/Memory usage?



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