New Encoder build available (1651)

We have updated our build on the download center to resolve a couple of issues related to the screen capture application.  Some machines with Expresion Encoder 4 Pro were incorrectly limiting the screen capture time limit and we had an issue with XESC files being played back in the Windows Media Player on 64-bit Vista and Windows Server 2008.  

In order to upgrade, simply grab the newest version of the free Encoder (available here) and install over the current one. The version number will go from 4.0.1639.0 to 4.0.1651.0. Note that there is no need to uninstall the older version, setup will upgrade it for you. Please also take note that those international versions already have the fixes mentioned above, so there is no need to upgrade them.

Comments (6)

  1. Toby says:

    Can I run this over expression studio and update?

  2. Jan Molnar says:

    I tried to upgrade Encoder 4 on multiple machines, however when launching the downloaded Encoder_en.exe there is no upgrade option (only Change, Repair and Remove). When I select Repair the setup fails.

    Maybe MSDN Versions cannot be updated this way?

  3. clyne83 says:

    Hello. I've isolated a potential issue with EE3. The MP4 files it creates for mobile streaming fail on Androids due to the position of the MOOV and MDAT atoms in the MP4 file. The EE3 presents puts the MDAT at the beginning and MOOV at the end. This is illegal for  Android phones to stream over http.

    It is *required* for the MOOV atom to be before any MDAT atoms to enable http streaming on Android phones.

    It is possible using EE3? How to set options?

  4. Sunjay says:

    just wanted to know how does one add text overlays without having the full product of Expression. i have only the free version of expression encoder 4.0



  5. Scott says:

    I have Expression Studio Ultimate.   Limited 10 min capture.  no upgrade option (only Change, Repair and Remove) when ttying to install fix.

    Very Very Frustrating,  does anyone test anymore?

  6. Adrian says:

    We installed Expression Studio Ultimate trial fell foul of the 10 minute limit for screen capture then bought the full retail edition and installed this. We still had the 10 minute limit so applied the fix suggested here, to install the latest free version of Encoder.

    This fixed the issue. Temporarily. The limit has returned, this time under a new guise.

    We can now only run screen capture for 10 minutes, if we choose to capture 3 minutes of video yet have had the application open for 10 minutes it still issues a 10 minute warning.

    This suite cost us over £400, this is entirely unacceptable.

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