Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3 QFE Released

A QFE has been released for Expression Encoder v3. The download can be found here:

 The QFE contains a significant number of fixes and enhancements including:

·         The Audio panel now appears when the user selects two or more media files in the Media Content panel.

·         You can now read or write to MP4 files of 4 GB or greater size.

·         Audio recordings created using certain USB microphones no longer contain distortion.

·         You can successfully encode to MP4 CBR when the bitrate is set to 4.

·         Substantial drops in playback bit rates no longer occur during CPU spikes while playing smooth streaming content.

·         Smooth Streaming content no longer stutters after 10 or more minutes of full-screen playback in some scenarios.

·         Playback of Smooth Streaming content encoded with the VC1 Smooth Streaming 720P VBR preset has been improved.

·         You no longer receive an error when repeatedly editing a Silverlight template in Expression Blend 3 using the Edit the template in Expression Blend command.

·         You no longer receive an error when playing back Smooth Streaming content from a server that is different from the one where the Silverlight template resides.

·         Performance has been improved in the Black Glass template.

·         In Live Encoding mode, you can now publish to a publishing point that requires authentication.

·         Expression Encoder now includes support for AVC1 files.

·         You can now compile the PowerShell code sample from the Expression Encoder SDK when working in Windows 7.

·         Running Expression Encoder as a SYSTEM level service no longer causes an exception.

·         The Silverlight player no longer crashes when you load a file containing unsupported East Asian characters. You will receive an error message, however, if the player does not support the characters.

·         You will now be able to select Adaptive GOP and Closed GOP in the VC-1 Settings options when you have chosen VC-1 Main as your video codec.

·         Expression Encoder will now use its native MP4 codec to decode MP4 files, instead of using QuickTime.

·         Fixes have been made to better support importing and editing Smooth Streaming files.

·         The Expression Encoder Timeline will now display the proper length of imported AVCHD files.

·         Playlists and chapters now correctly display when performing offline playback.

·         Imported WTV files now play back correctly.

·         Seeking has been improved during playback of Smooth Streaming files.

·         If you choose the VC-1 Simple profile for encoding, the bitrate in the Video category will now correctly switch to one is valid for the Simple profile.

Comments (7)
  1. anony.muos says:

    I have a feature suggestion: Please provide some visual indicator to let us know before as well as during encoding WMV that Expr. Encoder will be smart encoding as long as source is WMV and we aren’t performing any frame processing (only trimming or joining two videos). Smart encoding needs some visual bar or icon to show it is at work.

  2. anony.muos says:

    Also is MP4 smart encoding possible in a future version? I read MP4 container doesn’t support smart encoding.

  3. stenka says:

    I dont see improvements in smart rendering and joining video files.

    Also in these cases ive lost AV sync.

    Joining videos didnt work correctly anyhow in the previous version.

    USB video interfaces have little if any support.

    Adding and working with scripts in Live Encoding should be studied by youre engineers. This feature is done right in WME9 and i sure hope it will be implemented in EE.

    There was a great feature in EEv2 where you could copy the scripts and paste them to Markers window.

    Is this stille there?

    Hopefully some indicator of machine workload during encoding could be added.

    I wish to thank MS for that its doing in the video field but im still using WME9 for most of my work and doing only the necessary Silverlight stuff in EE of which im using version 2 and 3 because apparently some dev teams do things differently or then there are other issues that make these versions behave differently in different machines.

  4. K.Kong says:

    What does QFE stand for?

    How can I tell whether I have it or not?

    I have just installed Expression Studio 3 from the .iso image from MSDN Subscriber Downloads.  Does that include the QFE?


  5. Awesome update guys, thanks  😉

    btw @K.Kong

    QFE is a Microsoft term. . .

    Quick Fix Engineering

  6. Dave says:

    Will Expression Encoder support live encoding to H.264?  I have the full version that makes available H.264 for offline encoding but in the Live encoding panel only VC-1 codecs are listed.



  7. Craig Campbell says:

    It's nice that you post all of the features and fixes of the QFE, but could you also post the features that you removed so we aren't caught by surprise when something stops working that was working before?

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