A new way to get the full version of Expression Encoder 3

We have just made available a new option that allows users to purchase the full version of Expression Encoder as a standalone product.  To recap what this means, let’s start with the free version of Expression Encoder.  This is available from here:image


and contains the full feature set of the product with the following limitations:

  • Screen capture up to 10 minutes
  • No Smooth Streaming output
  • The following CODECs are not present: AC3 Decoder, MPEG2/TS Decoder, AVC-HD Decoder, H.264 Encoder, AAC-LC Encoder/Encoder

(Note.. the installer is currently miss-labeled as Encoder_Trial_en.exe but is, in fact fully featured bar the above list and also not time-bombed as in previous versions.)

If you try and access these features you’ll get the following message:


As of today, the purchase link now points to a new Microsoft Store page where you can get an Expression Encoder 3 license for $49:


Expression Encoder 3 is still available as part of Expression Studio 3, Expression Web 3 as well as through the Expression Professional Subscription and MSDN programs.

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  1. Jeromie Martinez says:

    You’re kidding me!?  $49 is all you are charging for the best encoding product out there!!!  Wow, that is an amazing deal and I for one am buying it right now.

  2. Don Ahlers says:

    Kudos to the Expression Encoder team.  This is a great product and it is great that I am now able to get it for a bargain price.

  3. Great news, but could you purchase a direct link to the purchase page? I seem to be getting entangled here: http://www.microsoft.com/expression/products/Purchase.aspx#PageTop


  4. someone says:

    But does it use other installed filters from DirectShow instead of its own filters? If I install ffdshow or AC3filter, at least it should support decoding using those. ffdshow is so popular. And no codec licensing cost upfront to MS. Please support decoding using this way if it doesn’t already.

  5. Eric Juteau says:

    DirectShow codecs like FFDShow and AC3Filter are supported in both the free and full version of Expression Encoder. You can even control which is being used by enabling/disabling them in the Options->Compatilibity dialog.

  6. To answer my own question:

    I installed the encoder trial, generated the error message above and jotted down the link it contains.

    Here I indeed could purchase the encoder, as advertised:

    the link is: http://store.microsoft.com/microsoft/Expression-Encoder-3/product/CE462F49/?WT.mc_id=encodersite

    have fun,

  7. D Coisamas says:

    I downloaded and installed the trial version of Expression Studio 3

    I later purchased just Expression Web 3 upgrade which includes Expression Encoder 3 (upgrade from EW 2)

    Encoder 3 still gives me the "this functionality is only available in the full version of encoder" Advice?

  8. LawBot says:


    I develop Silverlight 2 solutions with Expression Blend 2.

    Is it compatible to install the Encoder 3 standalone version next to Blend 2 ?

    Best regards,

    M. (LawBot)

  9. José says:

    Hi, please excuse my bad English. I must tell you that the full version for $ 49 is not available in France, except otherwise. Need to use Directshow or other. It’s a pity. I would prefer really buy the full version of expression encoder. But how?

         On the other hand, the .WTV generated by MédiaCenter with some French TV is recognized (audio + video) by the Médiaplayer content in Windows but not by the Médiaplayer element available in Expression Encoder Toolbox. The sound is not recognized, it would seem that the E – AC3 codec is not recognized. Should be available to the Médiaplayer that works.

    Much, I would like to have answers. Thank you in advance.

    (Translated with the assistance of Microsoft Translator)

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