Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 is available for download

We are very pleased to announce that both Expression Studio 3 trial and Expression Encoder 3  are now available to download:

Encoder: here

Studio: here

In this release we have taken on board your feedback and simplified the product line. There are now two versions: Expression Encoder and Expression Encoder with IIS Smooth Streaming. We have retired the Express version and, instead, have made all the features in Expression Encoder available for free with no more 30 day limit.

So what do you get in Expression Encoder with IIS Smooth Streaming?

· CODECs (AC3 Decode, MPEG2/TS Decode, AVC-HD Decode, H.264 Encode, AAC-LC Encode/Decode)

· Unlimited Screen Capture (Expression Encoder can capture up to 10 minutes)

· IIS Smooth Streaming

Other than that, all functionality in the Expression Encoder is freely available with no time limit (Full VC-1 encode, Live encoding, Overlays, Screen Capture up to 10 minutes).

If you wish to obtain the fully licensed version of Expression Encoder with IIS Smooth Streaming, it is available in both of the Expression Studio 3 and Expression Web 3 SKUs as well as in the Expression Professional Subscription which can be ordered from the Microsoft Store or your favorite online retailer.

As previously mentioned, there will be a freely redistributable version of Expression Encoder 3 available in the future, that can be shipped as part of 3rd party applications.

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  1. Anonymuos says:

    Too awesome!! Can you please detail your H.264 support? What H.264 features are supported? ( Will it be improved in future versions?

  2. Blake says:

    Congrats on shipping, and compliments on a solid product in general.

    How exactly does that count as simplifying the product line?  There were two versions, there are still two versions.  You have rearranged which features are part of which version.   The free version is still missing some of the most important features.

    Does this announcement mean that the redistributables promised with the V3 SDK will not support H.264 encoding either?

  3. Stefan Olson says:

    I’d have to disagree with Blake, I think it is brilliant to be able to access any part of expression for free, particularly the new screen recorder which will make it more affordable for people to create and distribute Silverlight-based screen recordings.

  4. Stefan Olson says:

    Having more carefully read the limitations of the free version, I think the product names create more confusion – as Blake points out, it’s really a rearrangement – IIS smooth streaming suggests that the full version is really limited only to not being able to do smooth streaming, which doesn’t matter to me, whereas in fact there a number of features missing, so the old product naming was more clear.

    Whilst more functionality is available in what was the express version, limiting screen capture to 10 minutes seems a little odd to me but the fact that Especially if you want people to be using Silverlight rather than Flash for screen capture on the web.  With Silverlight having such low installed base there’s little incentive to use it unless there are freely available tools.

    But as I said it is good to be able to access major parts of expression for free. Hopefully they’ll rethink the screen capture limit for future releases, or provide the ability to purchase expression encoder standalone.


  5. Jean says:

    Congrats guys, well done.

    Finally a great sdk with live capturing.

  6. anony.muos says:

    I’d also like to know how much of H.264 is supported. Also is the version offered on DreamSpark now "Expression Encoder with IIS Smooth Streaming" or is it without all those MPEG codec support?

  7. Chris says:


    One question though, with IIS smooth streaming, does the client also use the rendered video size to determine which quality stream to download?  E.g. if the video player size is small, there is no point for it to be downloading a 720p stream, but when you go full screen it would up-scale which stream it downloads.

  8. Amol says:

    Great to hear that there is a new codec to capture screen.

    Can any other screen capturing product use this similar to the old screen codec?

    Can the codec be used in DirectShow?


  9. Simon says:

    Is there an ETA for a compatible version of the plugin to publish to SilverlightStreaming?

  10. rambo says:

    hi guys – thank you for making a version of EE3 freely available. from the website, it is made out that the EE3 trial is for 60 days – perhaps this should be updated to reflect the fact that it is instead a free version.

    people may not use EE3 without knowing of the free option.

  11. Suman Purushothaman says:

    Does the Expression Encoder Trial version support H.264 profile ?

  12. Praveen Mehta says:


    i intall expression encoder 3 on my server ( 2indow server 2003). when i encode my video i go this error

    "The audio profile setting do not match a valid system profile"

    what will be install on my system for solve this error.

  13. Kevin says:

    Why doesn’t MS just sell the Expression Encoder 3 + IIS Smooth Streaming?

    I have no need for the other product included… just need the encoder, but would like the additional features!

  14. steve B says:

    In the documentation it says that there is an option to publish to the Silverlight Streaming site. When will the updated SLS plug-in be available for Encoder 3?

  15. Eliezer says:

    How can I change properties of my LiveDevice. I have a tv card and I’d like change the channel for example.

  16. MGSsancho says:

    Im using this for my Zune HD. works great. I love how it loves all more cores. Great work guys. Is there a way you can add mkv support:? currently i have to demux my stuff and put it into another container to get it all working. if you could add mkv support for fonts, subtitles, multi-track audio and even for the Zune output, even if you could only have just 1 audio track with encoded subtitles, that would replace my need for handbrake.

    Also could you spawn off the encoding into another process with its own window. so i can encode a job while i work on another? would save lots of time when I wanna batch encode all my anime (TBs of video) series at a time for my Zune HD. I would like to see this tool be the defacto tool used for encoding video for Microsoft devices. I see why no h264 support, but that doesn’t other me as my Zune HD can do VC-1. oh and an option to change the output directory.

    Thanks for the hard work!!!!

  17. Bill B says:

    I downloaded and Installed version 3. Then I bought IIS Smooth. I installed it.

    I do not see another Codec but VC-1.

    Do you know where I should go to get HELP?

  18. Walter says:

    I have to say I think it would be a really, really smart move to remove the 10 minute screen capture limit on the free product. All the other limits make a lot of sense but I think it would help the widespread use of Silverlight if the limit was lifted on screen recordings.

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