IIS Smooth Streaming server component beta released

Back in October, we announced a new Microsoft video delivery technology called IIS Smooth Streaming.  In a nutshell, this approach combines both client (based on Silverlight) and server (based on IIS) components that, together, deliver scalable media experiences up to 720p+ over the internet using the plain old HTTP protocol.

We have had a preview of the technology running over at http://www.smoothhd.com courtesy of our CDN partner, Akamai.  We also added support for encoding to, and previewing, the new format in back in Expression Encoder 2 SP1.

Today we are announcing beta availability of the IIS Smooth Streaming component completing the picture and enable users to test the technology end to end..  You can download the extension over on the IIS Site.

There will also be a number of talks on all aspects of Smooth Streaming at MIX (including one I’m doing on encoding).. keep an eye on https://content.visitmix.com/2009/sessions/?categories=Media for more info. 

For more information and background on the technology check out the following links :

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James Clarke (me 🙂 )

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Comments (4)

  1. ¿Qué es Smooth Streaming? Pues es la tecnología que dio vida a las transmisiones de vídeo de NBC Olympics,

  2. Matt says:

    Does expression encoder support transcoding of an advanced profile mp4?

    I seem to just be getting a green in encoder when trying to convert my mp4’s to smooth streaming files

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