Silverlight Streaming Publishing Plugin for Expression Encoder 2 is out!

I'm pleased to announced that we just pushed a preview of the SLS publishing plugin for Expression Encoder 2 live: for Expression Encoder 2.msi

This plugin makes it very easy to publish and manage your encoded Silverlight video experiences online via the Silverlight Streaming service from within the Expression Encoder application.

As well as adding support for Expression Encoder 2, the plugin has a number of enhancements:

  1. File-by-file upload:  Removes the zip step and improves uploaded reliability and performance.
  2. Better upload progress reporting.
  3. Quota display that shows available/remaining online storage space.
  4. Support for application republishing: you can replace or merge existing applications.
  5. UI enhancements (eg resizable preview window, application list sorted in inverse date order etc).

Hope this helps,



Comments (17)

  1. I’m pleased to announced that the Beta refresh release of the Silverlight Streaming publishing plug-in…

  2. I’m pleased to announced that the Beta refresh release of the Silverlight Streaming publishing plug-in…

  3. Mino has a SL2B2 video player drop-in, Emil Stoychev on Custom Controls, Tamir Khason on a binding bug

  4. langmuir says:

    I download it and installed.

    but i can not find it.

    Where is the option?

  5. clarkezone says:

    On the output tab you will see a Publish palette at the bottom.. it is in there

  6. As I promised in one of my  earlier posts to do a tutorial on how to create a Silverlight Video

  7. Hi All, The Beta refresh release of the Silverlight Streaming publishing plug-in for Expression Encoder

  8. Chris says:

    Is there a future plan to create an encoding service that doesn’t require an installation Expression Encoder?  It would be extremely valueable to have the streaming service encode the media on the server, rather than on the client first.

  9. Expressate! says:

    Una manera muy simple de publicar aplicaciones de video desde Expression Encoder es utilizar el plugin

  10. Making SL2 Video Player an Encoder Template

  11. Now that the Silverlight 2 Video Player is available from Codeplex , I wanted to make it a template for

  12. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  13.   eu estava esperando ansiosamente por isso.  esse plugin permite que, depois de você preparar

  14. você está usando o Expression Encoder 2?  entao instale esse plugin para publicar seus vídeos automaticamente

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