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Welcome to the new Expression Encoder team blog!  As Charles says in the video, we plan on posting a bunch for hints and tips over the coming weeks.  We also encourage you to give us your feedback.

All of our video blog posts are made with Expression Encoder and published using Silverlight on the Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live video hosting service.

We are currently hard at work on the next release and look forward to sharing the details soon.  Thanks for watching / reading!

The Expression Encoder Team

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  1. Pete says:

    Great product.  Keep up the good work.

  2. Welcome to the new Expression Encoder team blog! As Charles says in the video, we plan on posting a bunch

  3. Stenka says:

    Looking 4wd to this!

  4. Hey Team Expression!!

    Hello Charles and Ben!

    Great video. Nice and bright and I love the inner workings of the Godfather’s office. Very nice.

    So hey…. Live DRM…. LOL!!

    let’s chat when you get some time and great work Guys! [and Gals too if I missed that part.]



  5. Thank you very much for the Expression package!  

    This product comes in to the market in the right time, I’m eager to see this MS alternative to graphics and web design grow – it is awesome what I’ve seen so far – I know the desginers community will be so appreciated!

    Keep up the outstanding work you guys are doing!


  6. Very nice intro!

    The video looks much better than anything I seem to be able to churn out.  A great follow-on blog would be a look at what you used to film and what settings you used in Encoder.  

    Can’t wait to read more.

  7. Steve Bucci says:

    Good to see a face with the name.  Keep up the good work, Charles and team.

  8. My good friend Charles Finkelstein introduces the Expression Encoder blog We have been having discussions

  9. My good friend Charles Finkelstein introduces the Expression Encoder blog We have been having discussions

  10. MSDN Archive says:

    Hello everyone 🙂 We are delighted that you are already joining our blog discussions!

    I’m just the pretty face in the video- The Big Kudos go to JAMES CLARKE for doing the work to get this blog up and running and doing the first post: He shot the video, authored the content with current build of Expression Encoder 2 (with Blend 2 for customizing the player), then posted it!

    FYI – We used a new mic that seems overly enthusiastic to amplify silence (hence the noisy sounds at speech pauses)

    To see if you are listening he recorded my voice to one of the stereo channels and on the other "quantum foam". Can you tell us which channel has the quantum foam?

  11. anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t MS develop a more powerful video editor instead of just an encoder?

  12. MSDN Archive says:

    Hello anonymous,

    We have thought about this deeply for years (many of us were on the Movie Maker, Producer team…iTV, etc.).

    Can you give us a top line description of the kind of things you’d like to do with a more powerful video editor?

    Do you think lots of folks need it to?



  13. Sweav3r says:

    Hi, your video isn’t loading properly in Firefox (fine in IE), and I DO have Silverlight installed (I use the Silverlight streaming service with it all the time). All I get is a "Waiting for…" in the status bar, and a big blank white space!

  14. Markus Welby says:

    Why do you guys need a blog? Encoding is just plumbing. This seems wrong. Through in an article every 18 months on some other random blog. Why not just post your H.264 videos of the team to YouTube and we can watch them there.

  15. Garry Trinder says:

    Where are you hosting your video?

    I like the video delivery choice…maybe you can help me with some videos for the Expression Web team blog. 🙂


  16. McAkins says:

    Hi Guys,

    Greate work in Expression encoder, please keep up the good work, don’t mind the critics.

    I have two points I’ll like to raise:

    1. You guys missed the most important metadata (at least for Europe) when encoding DVR-MS source. The "Program Description" metadata should have been copied to the "Description/Comment" metadata of the output *.wmv file.

    2. The other day I was trying the encoder on my 64-bit Vista Ultimate machine, with 4 cores, and 6G of memory. I was suprised to see that only the 32-bit version of the encoder was installed, and how much of the 4 cores were used (avg 95%) and the time it took.

    My self-written app using the DVR2WMV dll does it with half of the resource in a third of the time. I must however point out that with you encoder I was cutting out the letter-boxes. Maybe that added the extra burden.

    You guys need to tune-up the encoder for 64-bit, and please give us a native version. Thanks for the good works.

  17. Terrible downloading and streaming speed, terrible. I see you guy stop there and "Ex, — pre—ssi—on"… Okay, it is not a good idea to put it on live – live service is not friendly to people outside US.

  18. deviateX says:

    re: kaevans

    You need to share what settings, process you used in Encoder to make this video, it looks great !

  19. anonymous says:

    Windows Movie Maker isn’t bad however if you add more export formats and all the stuff that VirtualDub / Adobe Premiere Elements / Ulead VideoStudio / Pinnacle Studio /  iMovie/ Final Cut Express / Sony Vegas Movie Studio. There are so many examples. I’ve always noticed MS only supports its own proprietary media formats. If MS supports more formats like H.264/MPEG-4 and QuickTime, their products will be even more well received. I think such a product would please the whole Windows industry (except of course the competition). Folks really want such a thing, but they’ve kind of given up expecting it from Microsoft.

  20. someone says:

    Don’t forget to buy Inlet Technologies (, or at least only their awesome industry rocking Fathom product.

  21. clarkezone says:

    Thx for the comments.  We are looking at the Firefox issues and will hopefully have a fix soon.  We’ll also look into the poor performance issues; the video is published on silverlight streaming which should be providing global load balancing but we may tweek the bitrate down to provide more universal performance.  Bear with us.. we are still experimenting with what works best.  We’ll also publish a complete how to at some point soon including settings etc.  Charles and I are off to present our session at Mix08.  We’ll be posting some more videos from there.



  22. PapaJohn says:

    Hello back… from one small part of the world..

    Charles can make any video look good…

    for the specs on the video playing, try a 512×288 pixel size with a bitrate of 1.2 Mbps… 29.97 fps… VC1 codec…. as you view it, that’s the size of the temporary downloaded video file.

  23. Marc Roussel says:


    I just did a SCREEN CAPTURE,


    Encoder generatd a nice .wmv with the same quality and size of my original which is perfect BUT……………

    As I wanted to see my video in Media Player 11 Vista ultumate x64, A popop appears saying there’s no CODEC to play it ?????????? huh ?????? it’s a wmv and encoded with Encoder 3 ? What’s wrong ?

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