Expression Studio 3 LAUNCHED TODAY!

Today we announced the official launch of Expression® Studio 3, a suite of professional design tools for creating Rich Internet Applications. This announcement comes shortly after the July 10th Silverlight 3 launch and the availability of the release candidate for Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow. It is super exciting for us on the Expression Web,…


Expression Web Beta 1, EGD and EID Sept. CTPs (target .NET 3.0 RC1)

We are pleased to announce that the Beta 1 release of Expression Web (formerly Expression Web Designer) is now available! For more insight into Expression Web Beta 1, please see the Expression Web team blog. Additionally, September CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer are available and target the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of .NET Framework 3.0. Download…


Webcast: Introduction to Microsoft Expression

This webcast describes the powerful features and capabilities of Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer, Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer, and Microsoft Expression Web Designer, and includes a 40 minute demonstration of Expression Web Designer. The first twenty minutes cover concepts of user experience, the .NET 3.0 and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) platforms and how they enable the next generation…


New Training Videos for Expression Web Designer!

Five (5) new Expression Web Designer training videos are now available for viewing and download at Simply click the Web Designer tab near the bottom of the page, and then click one of the video links under Training Videos. Enjoy!


New CTPs available for Expression Graphic Designer AND Expression Interactive Designer!

We are pleased to present new CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer that target Microsoft WinFX Runtime Components Beta 2–the latest release of WinFX. Follow the links below to start downloading the May CTPs… Remember, you will need to install WinFX Beta 2 first before installing Expression Interactive Designer May CTP. Also, before installing…


Expression Web Designer CTP is now available!

Download for free the first-ever Expression Web Designer CTP now via the Microsoft Expression Web site. Also, you can discuss Expression Web Designer in the forums as well as send feedback or report a bug to help us make a better product!


How do I choose between ASP.NET, Atlas, Windows Forms and WPF?

In his blog post [1], Tim Sneath answers the following questions about considering when and where to use the most appropriate presentation layer technology: How do Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML and ASP.NET fit together? I’ve heard you can build web applications using XAML – does that mean that ASP.NET is dead? I’ve seen comments about…

Imagine Cup Competition 2006

You’ll be interested in this if you (or someone you know) currently attend school/college/university, are 16 years or over, like to imagine, would be keen to earn a few thousand dollars in prize money and a free trip across the world to see the Taj Mahal, want to make friends and contacts in different academic…


A taste of Cider

The next version of Visual Studio is codenamed Orcas. Just as Visual Studio does today, Orcas will continue to integrate well with Expression for teams building applications in the Windows Vista time-frame. The disciplines in such a team include developers and designers, hence the specialization in toolsets. Cider is the codename for Orcas’ Windows Presentation…

Meet the Expression team!

In case you were wondering what we look like, here’s a cheerful photograph taken this evening when the Expression team gathered together to relax and share a drink and mark the occasion of the two CTPs being released today. As is natural with a large team, not everyone could be present for the photograph, and regrettably…