Expression Blend goes Beta, Big Changes to Expression Design CTP

Today we are going public with beta 1 of Expression Blend, and a new CTP for Expression Design. Before you ask – these are the new product names for what previously was known as Expression Interactive Designer and Expression Graphic Designer. Much more importantly, these new versions are not just about new names. If you…


Expression Web Beta 1, EGD and EID Sept. CTPs (target .NET 3.0 RC1)

We are pleased to announce that the Beta 1 release of Expression Web (formerly Expression Web Designer) is now available! For more insight into Expression Web Beta 1, please see the Expression Web team blog. Additionally, September CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer are available and target the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of .NET Framework 3.0. Download…


Webcast: Introduction to Microsoft Expression

This webcast describes the powerful features and capabilities of Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer, Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer, and Microsoft Expression Web Designer, and includes a 40 minute demonstration of Expression Web Designer. The first twenty minutes cover concepts of user experience, the .NET 3.0 and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) platforms and how they enable the next generation…


July CTPs of EGD and EID available – target July CTP of .NET Framework 3.0

The July CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer are now available. Both of these CTPs target the July CTP of .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly known as WinFX). Download Expression Graphic Designer July 2006 CTPDownload Expression Interactive Designer July 2006 CTP For more late-breaking changes in Expression Interactive Designer, please see the Readme….


June CTPs of EGD and EID now available!

After overcoming some obstacles with our publishing tools these past few days, we finally are able to share with you the June 2006 CTPs for both Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer. Our latest CTPs target the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 June 2006 CTP (formerly known as WinFX). For more information about the name…


Binding media to playback controls

Software Test Engineer, Dante Gagne, takes us through a tutorial of how to bind media to playback controls in Expression Interactive Designer. For more tips and tricks like this, check out Dante’s blog. After you’ve completed Dante’s tutorial, try using Expression Graphic Designer to style your PlayPause button just like the cool new gel buttons in Windows Media Player 11 Beta….


New CTPs available for Expression Graphic Designer AND Expression Interactive Designer!

We are pleased to present new CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer that target Microsoft WinFX Runtime Components Beta 2–the latest release of WinFX. Follow the links below to start downloading the May CTPs… Remember, you will need to install WinFX Beta 2 first before installing Expression Interactive Designer May CTP. Also, before installing…


Counting Crows – Miguetelo’s Art Created With Expression Graphic Designer

On his blog Instrucciones Para Mirar [1], Miguetelo has published some beautiful artwork which he created with Expression Graphic Designer [2]. The pieces created with EGD are Corvo [3] and Corvo 2 [4]. I’m sure you’ll be aware that corvo is Spanish for crow (or raven). We hope you enjoy looking at Miguetelo’s art as much…


Announcing the Expression Graphic Designer March 2006 CTP

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Graphic Designer March CTP download [1] on the Microsoft Expression web site.[1]


Saturday Afternoon Fever with Expression Graphic Designer

On his blog, Claudio Castelli [1] has published some artwork which he created with Expression Graphic Designer [2]. The piece we’d like to spotlight is called La febbre del Sabato Pomeriggio (Saturday Afternoon Fever) [3]. It is, in Claudio’s own words, an expressionist-grotesque digital painting about an Italian provincial main street on Saturday afternoon where…