How to add mockup controls to your Expression Blend library

In Expression Blend 4, one of the new samples we added is called MockupDemonstration. If you haven’t had a chance to use it yet, you can open MockupDemonstration from the Welcome screen, which is available when you first start Expression Blend or when you click Help and then click Welcome Screen. In the Welcome screen,…


Updated Components for Windows Phone 7 Development

At MIX, we released an early preview of our support for building applications for Windows Phone 7 that only ran on a pre-release version of the .NET Framework. If you have been holding off on upgrading to the latest versions of Expression Blend, Visual Studio, or .NET 4, wait no more! Today, we (along with…


Minor Update to The Expression Blend 4 Release Candidate

As most of you know, last week we released the release candidate version of Expression Blend 4. Shortly after many of you had a chance to play with it, some of you reported that Expression Blend crashes during launch. If you are one of those people whose Expression Blend crashes after launch, please download this…


Expression Blend 4 Release Candidate Available!

Recently, the final versions of both Silverlight 4 and .NET 4 have been released! To coincide with this, we are releasing a release candidate version of Expression Blend 4 that you can use to target them: Download everything you need below: .NET Framework 4 Expression Blend 4 Release Candidate There are two things that you…


Expression Blend Sessions at MIX10

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the sessions from MIX10 that showcased Expression Blend 4, the links below should help you out: Authoring for Windows Phone, Silverlight 4 and WPF 4 with Expression Blend by Christian Schormann and Pete Blois   Dynamic Layout and Transitions for Microsoft Silverlight 4 with Microsoft Expression…


Dynamic Layout and Transitions in Expression Blend 4

Click here to watch Kenny’s MIX 2010 session that covers a lot of the topics that you see in this post. – Kirupa In Expression Blend, we’ve been thinking for a loooong time about how to make it ever easier to create great animated visual effects quickly on top of the Silverlight and WPF runtimes….


Expression Blend 4 Beta and Information on Windows Phone Development

As many of you know, today was the first day of MIX – Microsoft’s annual conference for designers and developers. Just like previous years, there has been a lot of great news coming out of the conference. The two big things we announced are Expression Blend 4 Beta and an add-in to Expression Blend that…


Switching Visual States Easily using GoToStateAction

Over the next couple of weeks, it seems like a good idea to go over some of the behaviors we shipped as a part of Expression Blend 3. Many of you have mentioned that you would like to learn more about the stock behaviors we ship and how they are used, so this blog will…


Limited Time: 30% Discount on Expression Studio 3

Hi everyone, For a limited time, there is a 30% discount on all Microsoft Expression 3 products (Microsoft Expression Studio + Expression Web, both full and upgrade versions) through the Microsoft Online Store for US-based customers: No promo code required at all – just go to the store and add to the shopping cart! Cheers,…


Try to Define Visuals in XAML

Ok, pop-quiz time. Below, you will find two screenshots I took from two different applications: [ Screenshot 1 ] [ Screenshot 2 ] Can you tell what is different between those two images? If you said that the button in the second image seems a few pixels off from the image on the top (or…