Windows Phone 7 Themed Videos

As you can imagine, shortly after a major release like we had, most of us shift our focus slightly towards talking about and sharing how to use some of the cool new features we released. In this first of a two-part series, I hope to make up for the long period of inactivity on this blog by sharing two Windows Phone focused videos that Unni, Billy, and I recorded for Channel 9.

Overview of Expression Blend for Windows Phone 7
The first video on this list is one that walks you through, at a breakneck speed, most of the new features we added to Expression Blend to help make building Windows Phone 7 apps easier:

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Through the guise of building a Bing Search application, I cover features ranging from our Device Panel to Application Bar support to creating Sample Data from a Class file. You can learn more about these features by looking at some of my more in-depth Windows Phone 7-focused articles.

Windows Phone Design Templates
Billy and Unni are up next to showcase some of the templates they created to make creating common Windows Phone 7 UI layouts really easy:

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The templates they created cover a wide range of common UIs that you will see, so feel free to use these directly in your own projects or simply as a source of inspiration. Before you can do any of that, of course, download the templates from codeplex first.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. If you recorded some interesting videos, post them in the comments as well.

Kirupa =)

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