Expression Blend Sessions from TechEd

A few weeks ago, a couple of Expression Blend team members presented at the TechEd conference held in New Orleans this year!

You can view those sessions given by Unni/Alan and Dave below:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can browse through all of the sessions by clicking here.

Kirupa =)

Comments (2)

  1. khayo says:

    nice tutorial, very helpful. I'm new to Expression blend, i wanna know how i can change a Content presenter(for buttons) color and make it into a button resource dictionary so the text is white by default?.

  2. Could you tell me how to design the blend's control, and then get the special xaml?

    In other words , what's the connection between cotrols and it's xaml ? Does it can be redesign by myself ?

    Thank you *(^+^)*

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