Expression Studio 4 Launches

Today at Internet Week in NYC, we announced the availability of Expression Studio 4. You can download the trial of Expression Studio 4 Ultimate that includes Expression Blend 4 and SketchFlow by clicking below:

s4 Expression Studio 4 Ultimate

Keep watching this blog for more news, updates, and in-depth looks at some of the new features that we’ve introduced. Until then, here are some related links:

  1. Microsoft Expression home page
  2. Christian Schormann’s blog
  3. Soma’s Favorite Expression Studio 4 Features

Note that if you are currently doing Windows Phone development, please do not upgrade to the final version of Expression Blend 4 yet. We will release an updated version of all of our phone components in the future, so please continue using Expression Blend 4 RC.

Of course, no major release would be possible without the feedback all of you have provided, so thank you!

- Expression Blend Team

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  1. Mario says:

    I'm getting this notice after installing over the Blend 4 RC:

    Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.Expression.Framework, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    Others are reporting the same issue.

  2. Shawn B. says:

    My MSDN account says I have 1 retail key available to be claimed.  Most/All other MSDN products offer 10.  Does this mean I can only install it once?  Or can I on my Win7 dev box, Win XP box and laptop where I'm on call and must work remotely?

  3. Kirupa (MS) says:

    Mario – we're looking into this! When does this error appear?



  4. Kirupa (MS) says:

    Shawn – you seeing only one key is correct. You have one key that you can use on two machines.

  5. Luc C says:

    Like Shawn B., I was also highly surprised to see that the download on MSDN is not pre-pidded like similar products are and have been for years (including expression 3), but requires an explicit key request.

    Is there any rationale behind that change? And any clarification on what the precise implications of that change are?

  6. Torqued says:

    I'd love to hear an explanation for why Sketchflow was yanked out in Blend 4 Premium and made available only to Ultimate subscribers. Ultimate makes great sense for Team System users and large enterprises… but Sketchflow? After all the pushing of Sketchflow the past year, I predict its usage will fall off considerably. I know I'm done with it. For what we pay for MSDN Premium, I'm not paying another cent for a retail license and MSDN Ultimate is out of the question (and unnecessary).

  7. Kirupa (MS) says:

    Mario – I have a few more questions in addition to knowing when exactly this error appears. Do you have the Windows Phone components installed? Have you tried uninstalling everything Expression Blend related and attempting to re-install?

    Luc / Torqued – I have asked a colleague to help answer both of your questions.

  8. Brad says:

    I think the 1 key / two computer limitation on the licensing is not good. I like many developers have several computers (3PC's & 5VM's). If I could install EB4 on all my PC's & VM's but only run it on two at once then that would be fine by me.. but I get the impression that's not how it works.

  9. Student says:

    Please make it available on DreamSpark.

  10. IanTrem says:

    Just to echo what Torqued posted, Expression Blend via Website Spark doesn't include sketchflow either.  Why was it pulled?

  11. Shawn B. says:

    We are holding off installing and activating Expression (and consequently our v4 SL/WPF development) because we will all be getting new workstations and laptops by the end of the year.  It doesn't make sense to burn our activations before then.  The 1 key limit is dissappointing considering how much we paid for our Team Suite MSDN's and our future Ultimate subscriptions.  Hopefully this is not a trend setter for all other products that require activation in the future.  These subscriptions cost too much for such limitated installation potential.

  12. dan_banks says:

    We currently have licenses for Expression Blend for multiple users (and also a few copies of Expression Studio also) though Volume Licensing.  Our users are upgrading to Visual Studio 2010 and requesting that we obtain Expression 4 for compatibility purposes.

    Apparently Expression 4 is available as a free upgrade for retail copies, but what if you have a Volume License agreement?  Our SA is still active for our Expression licenses, yet the VLSC mentions nothing about Expression 4 yet.

    Is separate licensing for Expression being phased out?  What will happen to our Expression licenses?

    Are we entitled to use Expression Studio now as part of our Visual Studio Professional with MSDN licenses?

    Thanks for any info you can provide.

  13. someone says:

    The best improvement to Encoder you could have done is give unlimited screen capture in the free version but you crippled it. I will stay with Windows Media Encoder.

  14. licallanga says:

    Blend hang up for like 3 minutes when I start it up 🙁 how do I fix that… thanks!

  15. Brad says:

    Will there be a pre-pidded version for MSDN Subscribers at any point in the future? Or at least more than 1 key?

  16. Richard Thomas says:

    A problem with Expression Studio 4 via MSDN is now there only one key allowed for each version (Premium, Ultimate) and Premium doesn't even include the much touted Sketchflow.  Very disappointing.

    This was not the case for Expression Studio 3, 10 keys were allowed.

  17. Jawahar Rajan says:

    I recently joined the websitespark program. I downloaded and installed the Expression Studio 4. I had to enter the key during the installation and all was fine.

    I launched BLend and it asked me to enter the key again (0 days left for activation) I enter the key and get a message that say I Will not be required to enter the key again. But as i click OK to the confirmation message the whole studio just closes down (Crashes) Any ideas any one



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