Round-Up of Blog Posts (and other Activities) by the Expression Blend Team!

It’s been a week since MIX09 started, and since then, many of us Blenders have been busy writing blog posts describing the various new features from Expression Blend 3 in greater detail. This post will point you to those posts:

Blend 3 Overview:

Blend 3 Features:

If you have written any cool blog posts relating to Blend 3, please comment below and I will have another round-up in the near future…hopefully including a link to your post as well.

Kirupa 🙂

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  1. Jérémy says:

    My first review of Expression Blend3 right after the keynote based on Unni’s video on Channel9:

  2. In this Issue: Jeff Prosise , Michael S. Scherotter , Kirupa Chinnathambi ( 2 ), Bryant Likes ( 2 , 3

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