Download Expression Blend 2 SP1

Yesterday night, to coincide with the release of Silverlight 2, we released Expression Blend 2 SP1. You can download it by clicking on the following link:

blendicon Download Expression Blend 2 SP1

While Expression Blend 2 allowed you to easily design Silverlight 1 and WPF applications, this service pack extends that support to Silverlight 2 as well. You now have the ability to take advantage of Silverlight 2 features such as control templating / styling, visual state manager, font embedding / subsetting, and more directly within Blend itself.

You can learn more about Expression Blend 2 SP1 from both the Expression Community Site as well as our Expression Products Site where more details are provided.

Kirupa & the Expression Blend Team

Comments (11)

  1. Yesterday night, to coincide with the release of Silverlight 2 , we released Expression Blend 2 SP1.

  2. Yesterday night, to coincide with the release of Silverlight 2 , we released Expression Blend 2 SP1.

  3. jsp3536 says:

    It this different then the SP1 that had to be installed to work with the silverlight RC0?

  4. Kirupa (MS) says:

    jsp3536 – yes, it is different. Please uninstall Blend 2 SP1 Preview before attempting to install the final version of Blend 2 SP1 this post references though.


    Kirupa 🙂

  5. Adam Taub says:

    Which is more feature complete blend 2 sp1 or blend 2.5 june2008 ctp ?

  6. Kirupa (MS) says:

    Hi Adam,

    Blend 2.5 evolved into Blend 2 SP1, and Blend 2 SP1 is what you should use – especially for creating content that runs on the final version of Silverlight 2.

    This service pack also exposes more of Silverlight 2’s functionality than what the 2.5 June CTP could as well.



  7. Horacio says:


    When can we expect a localized version of Sp1?

    Thank you!

  8. Paul Berger says:

    Hello, just wanted to let you know that there seems to be a bug in Blend 2 SP1 – I am using Blend to create a WPF application. I drop one ListBox in my window and now want to edit the control templates of the ListBox elements – I want to change the vertical scrollbar look. I go down in the control template hierarchy until I reach the vertical scrollbar control template. I want to move the RepeatButton anywhere else in my Window. When I try to move any of the RepeatButtons (or do anything really), Blend always crashes. Also, when my ListBox shows bound data in preview in the artboard, as soon as I create the copy of the Vertical Scrollbar control template, this data is no longer displayed in the artboard and the vertical scrollbar is displayed somewhere right in the middle of my layout but not where it was before.

    This process works fine both in Blend 2 without SP1 and Blend 2.5 … only SP1 causes this problem – on multiple computers.

  9. Jose Vales says:

    What about developers VS 2008 Spanish?

  10. Hendrik Neumann says:

    When will the german version of SP1 be released? Because the current SP1 seems to be incompatible with foreign languages.



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