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Over the past month, we released beta versions of Expression Blend 2 and Expression Design 2, a preview of Expression Blend 2.5, and a preview of Deep Zoom Composer. With four new releases, there is a steady supply of interesting topics for all of us to write about on this blog. To give you a preview of what future posts will contain, we’ll probably elaborate a bit more on the list of the new features Blend 2 has, describe more of the Deep Zoom Composer, and also shower you with information on Design 2!

This brings me to my request. While we try to write about things that interest you as well as us, do you have any particular topics that you would like us to write about more? Don’t be shy - let us know via the comments below, and we will try to work your request into our regularly scheduled programming 😛


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  1. I’d like to learn more about creating artwork in Design that will be used for animation in Blend. Thanks 😉

  2. Cliff_Htown says:

    I’d like to learn more about Expression Blend use of XAML.  

    Specifically, how to get custom XML and schema converted to XAML, such as XML to XAML file format import.

    Tools already exist for SVG assets to XAML conversion, so my interest deals with an XML mapping to the XAML specification(s):


  3. Over the past month, we released beta versions of Expression Blend 2 and Expression Design 2 , a preview

  4. Over the past month, we released beta versions of Expression Blend 2 and Expression Design 2 , a preview

  5. tino says:

    I would like to read more about how the Expression products are used in the real world. Reports/tutorials by real designers would be great.

  6. John says:

    I’m hanging out for some more Deep Zoom action. Specifically how to tie an image into some sort or metadata or a reference to a database so we can filter and sort based on that data.

    Also a guide on how to generate the nessesary Deep Zoom assets from the command line tools would be great.

    Look forward to anything you can present.

  7. Garry Trinder says:

    I’m hanging around for the "same" thing as john is…

  8. kjetilk@hotmail.com says:

    It would be very nice to have some article show how to use dataset as the datasource and how to work with this design-time (that is; how to fill a dataset with with dummy/test data to be used inside blend).

  9. Am says:

    Can you please clarify in a post or what should to make Deep Zoom run as a WPF Application or if possible or plans ?

    Q.Is it possible to integrate deep zoom as a WPF Application that will run on windows rather than as web.

    So far this query has not been answered to me.

  10. rantri says:

    I would like to see some best practices of the Designer-Developer integration.  What is the right way to work together.  how to build a solution that blend can work in,  as you know real-world solution have more then one assembly.  what we can’t do with blend ( for exsample: blend don’t deal well with custom murkup extentions).

  11. Mark Bennett says:

    I see DeepZoom and the designer / animator / developer workflow as two areas that really distinguish the Expression toolset.  I’d like to see more examples and templates that show how Design, Blend and Visual Studio can work together.

    For example, I’m still confused how best to let illustrators update graphics in Design that have already been exported into Blend.  Right now I have to re-import and re-animate everytime something changes but I’m assuming there’s a better way.  An example with source would really help clear this up.

    Great work!

  12. Kiran says:

    The release timetable would be great!!

  13. Smith says:

    I’m a .NET Developer & UI/UX Designer.  I wants to move into RIA with Silverlight v2.

    My primary tool for UI concept design is Adobe Illustrator.  I tried XAML Exporter by Michael Swanson (http://www.mikeswanson.com/xamlexport) to export AI to XAML but overall with quality and workflow I’m not that happy with the results.  I believe the experience can be much improved.

    I would like to see you guys covered lot more topics for people who are moving from Adobe Illustrator into Expression Design.  In the future release, I’m hoping to see Expression Design to import AI files without losing much details.  This will give better experience for those of us who are looking to move there AI UI work to ED.


  14. Deep Zoom with filter functionality (using Linq) is available at http://projectsilverlight.blogspot.com/2008/04/dissecting-hard-rock-memorabilia-and.html”>http://projectsilverlight.blogspot.com/2008/04/dissecting-hard-rock-memorabilia-and.html

    The whole thread on Deep Zoom can be found at


    Note that this is my personal blog and not associated with this blog in any way. I have some code snippets on my site and thought that it might help some people and hence posted the links here…


  15. Noah says:

    I’d like to learn when Blend will allow for VSS untegration, so developers and designers can all be using integrated VSS, and not have any more issues!

  16. Sean Landry says:

    I’d like to see more information on how to integrate the Expression tools into an existing .Net environment. Some tips on how to "sell" the development staff on how this will change the interaction between designer and developer. Like some of the comments above, a testimonial or real world integration diagram would be great.

  17. vRITHNER says:

    L’d like to see more how-to work with animation and dynamic object and positions

    (ex: listbox containing observable collection of objects – when I mouseover any item, I want an zoom effect and when I mouse leave, etc…)

    Very difficult or impossible for me to do it with Blend 2.5;


  18. Zurik says:

    Need more info on smart custom controls that can use the properties tab to configure the control and even drop in dummy data or depending on the elements in the control with change the types of things you can change in the properties tab.

    I like the vector and raster scaling ability for web or app, however I would like to see more flexibility all of the Adobe File Formats. For example the ability to Pull in Layered files and be able to separate the art layer by layer and add it into the resources. Also to convert Vector file to EPS or AI to XAML.

  19. Kirupa (MS) says:

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions everyone 🙂 I’ll pass this link around to my colleagues, and please continue to post suggestions on what you all would like to see.



  20. gyurisc says:

    Artwork creation tutorials to be used in WPF apps.

  21. Hi everyone, For the past month, all of the feedback and questions about the Deep Zoom Composer (DZC)

  22. bitbonk says:

    Designtime extensibilty support for blend. We know ther is (allthough very poor) some support in blend already. But only very few documents about it. Tell us how it works. By example. Tell us what features are there.

  23. JackU says:

    More blog posts covering, in detail, every new feature in the new Blend builds!!

  24. tim says:

    How about some perspectives on your personas?  I am integrating the software in my division and specifically looking at the designer/developer internal workflow.   I came across Elvis on the development side, but haven’t come up with a designer persona.   Obviously not looking for details, but interested in your viewpoint to incorporate that into my work, if possible.

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