Expression Blend and Studio: problem installing Visual Studio from included DVD

The Expression team has become aware of a problem with the Visual Studio 2005 Standard DVD included in the packaging of the Expression Blend and Expression Studio products (specifically, setup repeatedly prompts for the DVD). Please accept our sincere apologies for our mistake and, if you're affected by this issue, here is a temporary remedial solution. We will follow up this post with a more official solution very soon.


To work around the issue:


1. Create a new folder on a hard drive on your system that has at least 3 GB of free space. Name the folder "VS2005STD" without the quotes.


2. Open a command prompt by clicking on the Start button, click Run and type "Cmd" (without the quotes), and then click OK.


3. Type the drive letter of the source drive. For example, if the DVD-ROM drive is drive R, type "R:" (without the quotation marks). Press ENTER.


4. With the DVD disc in the drive, type the following command:


XCopy *.* X:\VS2005STD\ /h /v /s


where X: is the drive letter where you created the folder in Step 1.


7. Press ENTER.


8. Once the file copy is finished, close the CMD window and navigate to the VS2005STD folder you created and then to the VS subfolder. Double click Setup.exe to start the installation.


Note: The folder you created in Step 1 can be deleted after the installation is complete.


Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and we will get back to you very soon with an improved solution. If you have any further questions/comments please use the Expression Blend public newsgroup:

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