Announcing the Expression Blend Beta 2

We're pleased to present the second Beta version of Expression Blend. Here are some of the changes since the Beta 1:

  • You can now instantiate resources from the Resources panel. For example, you can drag and drop a button style onto the artboard and create a button out of it instead of creating a button and applying it as a separate task.

  • You can see inner exceptions when an exception happens on the design surface, allowing you to see more details about the cause of an exception.

  • You now get font previews in the Text category of the Properties panel which makes it easier to choose your font. 
    After adding an event handler, the XAML file is now automatically saved for you.

  • Configuring value editors has been improved. For example, you'll find editing BitmapEffects or adding items to an ItemsControl such as ContextMenu are now much easier to do.

Download Microsoft Expression Blend beta

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  1. Microsoft Expression からです。 Announcing the Expression Blend Beta 2 β1 から見ていくつかの変更点があるようです。 Expression

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