Announcing the Expression Graphic Designer March 2006 CTP

We're pleased to announce the availability of the Graphic Designer March CTP download [1] on the Microsoft Expression web site.


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  1. WWs Blog says:

    Microsoft has released a new CTP of the Microsoft Expression Graphics Designer. Download the new version…

  2. scott lyttle says:

    I speak for many professionals who are extremely disappointed that MS would take this fantastic cross platform illustration program and limit it to WINDOWS only.

    There is a large community of built in existing customer base of MAC EXPRESSIONS users who would be happy to purchase a new and fully supported version of the program for the MAC OS, especialy with the advent of the new INTEL CHIP macs on the horizon.

    Whu cut off an existing customer base in this release?  Even business wise that makes no sense.

  3. juliankay says:


    "Even business wise that makes no sense."

    Sorry but in my eyes, EGD is simply to improve Microsoft’s offerings for software design. Both for Windows and the Web. I don’t think the Mac platform matters for this tool anymore. It’s going to become part of a suite of products.

    I understand how a user coming from using Expression 3 would feel, but this is now a ‘new’ tool for a different task.

    But that’s just my humble opinion. I think there is a petition around somewhere, but I really doubt it’ll make a difference.

  4. On his blog Instrucciones Para Mirar [1], Miguetelo has published some beautiful artwork which he created…

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