AdventureWorks Product Photos – a new EID tutorial

We have published a new Expression Interactive Designer tutorial targeting the January 2006 CTP. It's called AdventureWorks Product Photos [1]. Here's the overview:

In this tutorial, you will process an ADO.NET DataTable into an ObservableCollection ready to be bound to controls within Expression Interactive Designer. The first task requires Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 (with the AdventureWorks sample database installed). If you prefer, you can fill an ADO.NET DataTable or DataSet from another source. If you do so then please skip the first task and then adapt the remainder of the tutorial to suit the shape of the data you have. The principles will be exactly the same.

Also remember that there are several tutorials in the Article Categories section over on the lower right of the blog. For other tutorials targeting the Expression Interactive Designer Jan 06 CTP, please see the Samples and Tutorials Gallery [2] for that product. It's recommended that you begin with the Fabrikam Catalog series of tutorials as these provide the basics on which the other tutorials build.



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  1. This is to announce that Karsten has a blog post (authored by Andrew Whiddet) on the subject of…

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