Alexander Lih’s Digital Clock Sample

Alexander Lih has used workflow between
Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer to build a
digital clock sample
[1]. Thanks Alexander, we like it!

Final Product


Comments (5)

  1. staceyw says:

    I like it. Could you make that clock without the "window", show it just shows the "clock" and you could drag/resize the clock?

  2. You got the idea, staceyw. I’m not sure how yet, but that is the next step. Right now you can already drag the clock from the main time area. Thanks for checking it out!

  3. kirupa says:

    Good question, but my answer isn’t as good yet. As soon as we get any news on using ‘layered windows’ with WPF we’ll publicize it.

    – Expression team

  4. Geoff says:

    With respect to making it "windowless" – Not sure if this is obvious or not, but by setting the rootwindow to windowstyle.none you can get rid of the border… I just can’t make the background transparent….there doesnt appear to be a "transparency key" property on the main window such that you can match it with the color of the background panel.

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