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Swing by Unni's blog [1] and check out his beautiful samples built with Expression Interactive Designer. Unni is a Program Manager with Expression.



[1] http://blogs.msdn.com/unnir/

Comments (3)

  1. staceyw says:

    I get "unrecognized version" on the Solution Icon and it will not open on all these projects. Have VS2005 and the WinFX runtime needed for expression. What gives?

  2. kirupa says:

    Hi William,

    I’m unable to reproduce what you’re seeing. I’d suggest first trying to open the .sln from inside VS (rather than from Windows Explorer), then trying to open the .csproj only. If you want to take it offline, please send me more details about your system using the Contact link on the right. I’d be interested to know what the system looked like before you installed .NET FX and WinFX, what you uninstalled and in what order, and what links you got the installers from.

  3. staceyw says:

    I could load it from within VS after getting some security dialog. I guess that is what the shell may have had issues with. Not sure. After that, I could build and view the projects. Cheers.

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