Meet the Expression team!

In case you were wondering what we look like, here's a cheerful photograph taken this evening when the Expression team gathered together to relax and share a drink and mark the occasion of the two CTPs being released today. As is natural with a large team, not everyone could be present for the photograph, and regrettably there are one or two notable Expression-ists (pardon the terrible pun) whom we weren't lucky enough to capture on CCD. Maybe we'll correct that in the future.

Comments (3)

  1. wleong says:

    You guys are producing a PHENOMENAL set of products. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Hello! Best compliments for the tool You re developing: Microsoft expression.I LOVE IT. Microsoft is making great products for artists!

    I’ m a young italian indipendent cg director and artist. My graduation work "giocattoli futuristi" was the only italian work

    selected at imagina 2006.

    Recently, I finished one "grotesque-expressionist paint that i entererly "crafted" using microsoft expression 3. I’m currently submitting to several art galleries, in italy and in other countries, people have really hard time understanding that is "computer generated".

    May I show to You, somehow? It would be great if I can appear in customer spotlights, for me…

    I would also love using EXPRESSION for animations… I believe it can be the NEXT expressionist animation tool!

    May I help you anyhow in that direction?

    Thanks alot, hope You reply 🙂 ciao

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