Expression Interactive Designer preview available!

Today we are delighted to announce the availability of a preview version of Expression Interactive Designer. This preview version is the January 2006 Community Technology Preview and you can download it at the following URL:

Please note that you must complete a product registration to receive this download.


We have compiled a set of sample applications and tutorials specifically for this CTP and you can see the gallery of these samples over on the right of the blog. Look for the box titled 'Article Categories' and then click Samples and Tutorials Gallery - EID Jan 06 CTP to take you to the gallery (or just click the link given above).


In the same 'Article Categories' box is a link to the Readme file for the Jan 06 CTP which contains important late-breaking news and known issues - Readme File - EID Jan 06 CTP.


There are lots more resources about Expression on the Microsoft Expression web site.


If you enjoyed the previous Channel 9 video featuring the Expression Interactive Designer team then you'll want to check out the new video Robert Scoble hosted and posted today at the link below:

Comments (2)

  1. DBerrett says:

    It looks great, but why doesn’t any of the WPF stuff (including “Interactive Designer”) work on AMD processors? That seems like a pretty big oversight. I’m getting an immediate crash on XP with an A64-4400 CPU. Is there any fix to the WPF problem? Or is it just to wait for the next CTP? Thanks!

  2. kirupa says:

    There are issues present in the January 2006 CTP of WinFX that may keep it from running correctly on processors other than an Intel® Pentium® 4. You may experience erratic behavior while running Expression Interactive Designer or other WinFX applications on an older Intel (Pentium 3 or older), 64-bit, or AMD processor. These issues have been resolved, and the fixes will be included in the next release of WinFX.

    – The Expression team

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