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Thanks very much to Amir Khella (Program Manager on Expression) and Peter Blois (Software Design Engineer on Expression) for collaborating to produce this sample and showing great developer-designer workflow in the process.
Throbbing Items Control
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a bunch of controls that are "data aware" – you can simply bind them against any data source – Xml, CLR class, etc. Unni extended once such control - ItemsControl – which serves at the base class for controls that display a bunch of items – ListBox, TabControl, ComboBox, etc. – to add functionality that will allow N items to be displayed at a time, and then loop over the remaining items at a specified frequency.
FreeCell done using Expression tools
During one of our past bug-bashes, Unni worked on the very popular (but simple) FreeCell game. One of the cool things Unni likes about WPF is the ability to keep the business logic separate from the user interface - the biggest benefit is you can pull out Expression, do all the graphics, and then wire-up the code later. Though this example has very little interactivity, it shows how easy it is to achieve this.
XBox 360 Rocks!
Though Unni is having trouble tracking down his own 360 (each time one was in town, he was out!), he got to check out a few games on his friend's console, and they were just awesome. So here is Unni's little Interactive Designer thanks to the 360 teams - rock on!
Electric Rain's ZAM 3D and examples
You can see some stunning examples of ZAM 3D assets in use in Windows Vista applications on Electric Rain's website.
Alexander Lih has used workflow between Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer to build a digital clock sample. Thanks Alexander, we like it!  
Lingesh Palaniappan, a Software Design Engineer in Test in the Expression Interactive Designer team, has published a small 3D tutorial on his blog. In the tutorial, Lingesh walks through creating a sample 3D project in Expression Interactive Designer.

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