Keyframe easing and key splines

An animation authored in Blend contains keyframes. The animation defines which element/property to affect and each keyframe defines a key time at which a value should be in effect. The process of animating the property values between successive key times is called interpolation. Let’s say you’re translating an element from the top of a Grid…


Two new websites from X-Coders

The company X-Coders has launched two new websites – and – each carrying information, blogs, videos, forums and downloads related to Expression Blend. The videos are great – we recommend you go and check them out.


Blend: making the HyperBar sample data-bound

People have been wondering how to do this so I thought I’d write up an explanation. The HyperBar sample which ships with Blend Beta 1 has a fixed set of eleven images in it. But what if you want to combine the HyperBar effects with the flexibility of binding to data – be it XML…


Expression Design — New name, new UI

Expression Design is a vector based graphics design tool that is part of Expression Studio.   It is targeted at graphic designers who need to build visual assets for new WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications.  The goal of Exrpession Design is to bring artists into the process of building great user experiences.   We’ve been getting feedback…


Expression Blend — What Is That?

Expression Blend is an authoring system for professional designers to build user experiences that target the .NET 3.0 platform, and more specifically, WPF, or Windows Presentation Foundation. WPF provides the platform to bring rich, animated, skin-able, UX envelope-pushing applications to the desktop. Applications that blend content, media and user interface into real user experiences. WPF…


Announcing the Microsoft Expression Blend Beta 1

Thanks for being patient! The previous CTP of Expression Interactive Designer was back in September. Since then the team has been focused on some major changes to the product ready for today’s announcement of our first beta. A list of all the new features is given below but something you’ll notice immediately is that the…


Expression Blend goes Beta, Big Changes to Expression Design CTP

Today we are going public with beta 1 of Expression Blend, and a new CTP for Expression Design. Before you ask – these are the new product names for what previously was known as Expression Interactive Designer and Expression Graphic Designer. Much more importantly, these new versions are not just about new names. If you…


Expression Web Beta 1, EGD and EID Sept. CTPs (target .NET 3.0 RC1)

We are pleased to announce that the Beta 1 release of Expression Web (formerly Expression Web Designer) is now available! For more insight into Expression Web Beta 1, please see the Expression Web team blog. Additionally, September CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer are available and target the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of .NET Framework 3.0. Download…


Webcast: Introduction to Microsoft Expression

This webcast describes the powerful features and capabilities of Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer, Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer, and Microsoft Expression Web Designer, and includes a 40 minute demonstration of Expression Web Designer. The first twenty minutes cover concepts of user experience, the .NET 3.0 and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) platforms and how they enable the next generation…


July CTPs of EGD and EID available – target July CTP of .NET Framework 3.0

The July CTPs of Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer are now available. Both of these CTPs target the July CTP of .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly known as WinFX). Download Expression Graphic Designer July 2006 CTPDownload Expression Interactive Designer July 2006 CTP For more late-breaking changes in Expression Interactive Designer, please see the Readme….