Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Powershell Scripting

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Exchange Storage Architecture

Exchange Server 2003 uses a transaction-based storage architecture that includes a database file, a native content file, transaction logs, and other files, such as checkpoint files and reserved logs. We must understand how Exchange Server 2003 uses these files to store messaging data.


Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

This service enables the RPC endpoint mapper to support RPC connections to the server. This service also serves as the Component Object Model (COM). RPCs and lightweight remote procedure calls (LRPCs) are important inter-process communication mechanisms. LRPCs are local versions of RPCs. LRPCs are used between the Exchange store and those server components that depend…


Event Log

This service enables event log messages issued by Exchange services and other Windows-based programs and components to be viewed in Event Viewer. This service cannot be stopped.


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Exchange Server 2003 – Volume Shadow Copy Service

Frequently Asked Questions The following are common questions that developers often ask about using the Volume Shadow Copy Service with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and their associated answers. Can the Exchange writer be used with Exchange Server 2003 running on Windows 2000 Server? No. The VSS is only available with Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 ….


Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access  1) What’s known as “Outlook Web Access” or “OWA” ? Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a webmail service of Microsoft Exchange Server. 2) Earlier its known as? Initially it’s known as Exchange Web Connect (EWC). 3) Does it resembles with any interface? Yes, the web interface of Outlook Web Access resembles the…


Named Properties

What is known as “Named Properties”? MAPI provides a facility for assigning names to properties, for mapping these names to unique identifiers, and for making this mapping persistent. Persistent name to identifier mapping ensures that property names remain valid across sessions.