Exchange Server 2007 & Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

1) In Exchange environment, what are interfaces available to make use of programmatic access? 

The Microsoft® Windows server operating systems development platform provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for the many underlying technologies. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server supports programmatic access through many of these APIs, providing application developers with a flexible and familiar programming experience.

2) What're platform technologies available for Exchange application developers? 

Following is a list of some of these platform technologies available for Exchange application developers.

  • OLE DB supports programmatic access to the Exchange store from C-based applications.

  • Component Object Model (COM) interfaces are available through the Exchange Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) objects, and is the primary interface for collaborative applications that run on the Exchange Server computer.

  • Microsoft XML (MSXML) parser and XMLHTTP are often used to create and send WebDAV requests, and to interpret WebDAV responses. The MSXML parser is very commonly used in Exchange applications.

  • Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) can be used to access collections of nearly every object type available in the Exchange programming model.

  • Microsoft Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI) supports custom Exchange management and monitoring applications through a set of WMI providers.

Comments (2)
  1. nipunkurothe says:

    I am not able to connect to the exchange server using WMI namespace

    @"\" + "computername"+"rootMicrosoftExchangeV2 it gives a COM exception of the RPC server is unavailable but gets connected if i use the name space

    @"\" + "computername"+"rootcimv2 plz help

  2. lowlevelio says:

    May I ask why EWS is excluded from the API list?

    I suppose C# apps which do stuff with mailboxes should use EWS because it's more dotnet-ish?

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