Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access  1) What’s known as “Outlook Web Access” or “OWA” ? Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a webmail service of Microsoft Exchange Server. 2) Earlier its known as? Initially it’s known as Exchange Web Connect (EWC). 3) Does it resembles with any interface? Yes, the web interface of Outlook Web Access resembles the…


Named Properties

What is known as “Named Properties”? MAPI provides a facility for assigning names to properties, for mapping these names to unique identifiers, and for making this mapping persistent. Persistent name to identifier mapping ensures that property names remain valid across sessions.


Address Book Provider

1) What is an Address Book Provider? An address book provider supplies recipient information to client applications, to message store and transport providers, and to MAPI.

Exchange Server 2007 – Windows Management shell (WMS)

1) What is the Windows Management Shell? Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) includes an automation and scripting shell called the Exchange Management Shell. 2) What is it used for? The Exchange Management Shell is a command-line management interface that is used to administer servers in an Exchange 2007 organization. 3) Upon which…

Exchange Server 2007 & MMC

1) How MMC is coupled with Exchange Server 2007?  Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 integrates with Microsoft Management Console (MMC). 2) What’re the programming languages used with MMC? You can program additional MMC snap-ins by using Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C++. 3) What’re Server side programming interfaces (MMC’s)?  If the snap-in is to be run…

Exchange Server 2007 & Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

1) In Exchange environment, what are interfaces available to make use of programmatic access?  The Microsoft® Windows server operating systems development platform provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for the many underlying technologies. Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server supports programmatic access through many of these APIs, providing application developers with a flexible and familiar programming experience. 2) What’re…


Exchange Server 2007 – Clustered environment & Load Balancing Services

1) How Exchange Server 2007 is supported in clustered environment? If Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is run in a clustered environment, the clustering services that are included in the Windows Server operating systems are used. 2) By what means can we make effective use of productivity (load balancing services) in Exchange Server 2007 environment? Use the…

Exchange Server 2007 – Supported Protocols

1) What are the protocols are supported by Exchange Server 2007?  Exchange Server 2007 includes the following protocols: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) Internet Message Access Protocol version 4 (IMAP4) Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) HTTP WebDAV


Exchange Server 2007 – Internet Information Services (IIS)

1) Exchange Server 2007 & Internet Information Services (IIS) ? Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is closely integrated with Internet Information Services (IIS). 2) Can you any example where IIS is used with Exchange Servers?  With some exceptions (for example, MAPI), Exchange 2007 uses IIS protocol virtual servers to transfer all data among servers and to…