Add-ins are now available for Outlook on iOS

We're now excited to bring add-ins to Outlook mobile, starting with Outlook on IOS, with support for Android coming soon. See the full post on the Office Dev Center blog.

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  1. EinmalIM says:

    Great news!!!

    But once again my Lumia feels so unloved. Windows 10 Mobile is a great OS, why o why is even Microsoft letting down its own mobile OS on the software side. Stopping to produce the hardware is kind of understandable – not really, but kind of. But the biggest software company is not willing to keep their own Windows Mobile apps top notch – come on, show us that UWP does work and put add-ins into Outlook for Windows Mobile 😉

  2. Max says:

    Hi Jason,

    Awesome to see that you’re expanding to iOS devices. I’m developing an Outlook Addin which is not supported in Outlook for Mac at the moment, it has a requirement for Mailbox API version 1.4, Outlook for Mac currently only support 1.1. Do you have any guess for when we can expect Mailbox API 1.4 to be supported on Mac?

  3. Ovidiu Carstea says:

    We have add-ins on the Outlook for Windows, to show a popup when we are sending an email to an email address outside our corporate domain.
    We need to implement the same add-in for Outlook for iOS and to make Outlook the default email client.
    I tried to understand the steps of doing this but besides that can be done, not to may information on the requisites and steps to achieve my goal.

    1. In general, take a look at On-send add-ins, which are in preview for OWA right now.

  4. We developed Outlook addin using the framework provided by Office JS. We observed following differences in Item IDs in web and outlook app.
    Please see the following ID’s. “Separator is different”. How we will identify the uniqueness of emails.
    We are using the following API: Office.context.mailbox.item.itemId
    From Outlook Web app:
    seperated by “/”
    From Outlook App in Mobile:
    separated by “-“

    1. Yes this is expected. Item ID in Outlook mobile is by default in REST API format, where as in OWA or Outlook it is in Exchange Web Services format. (See You can convert between the two as needed with the Office.context.mailbox.convertToRestId and Office.context.mailbox.convertToEwsId methods.

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