Upcoming changes to Contacts and People APIs

This is an update about breaking changes that we are making that only impact Contacts and People APIs on the Outlook REST API Beta endpoints.

It is a schema change where a few properties are being removed and corresponding collections are being added. The changes are outlined below and will roll-out to PROD over the next couple of weeks.

Properties removed from contacts:

  • BusinessHomePage
  • HomePhones
  • MobilePhone1
  • BusinessPhones
  • HomeAddress
  • BusinessAddress
  • OtherAddress

Properties added to contacts:

  • Websites - Collection(ComplexType: Website)
  • Phones – Collection (ComplexType: Phone)
  • PostalAddress – Collection(ComplexType: PhysicalAddress)
  • WeddingAnniversary – Edm.Date
  • Gender – Edm.String

Properties renamed in people:

  •  Renamed WebSite to Websites

Changes in both:

  • Websites enum types changed
    • Previous: BusinessHomePage, PersonalHomePage, Other
    • New: Other, Home, Work, Blog, Profile
  • Phone enum types changed
    • Properties removed: Unknown, Car, Callback, Primary, Telex, TTYTDD, OrganizationMain

Mapping of old property to new property:

  Old Property   New Property
  BusinessHomePage   Websites (Website.Type == Work)
  HomePhones   Phones (Phone.Type == Home)
  MobilePhone1   Phones (Phone.Type == Mobile)
  BusinessPhones   Phones (Phone.Type == Business)
  HomeAddress   PostalAddresses (PhysicalAddress.Type == Home)
  BusinessAddress   PostalAddresses (PhysicalAddress.Type == Business)
  OtherAddress   PostalAddresses (PhysicalAddress.Type == Other)


- Monil Shah on behalf of the Contacts and People API team

Comments (6)

  1. Pauline Smith says:

    I have lost all my contacts information and cannot even create new addresses as the People part of Outlook is totally blank

    1. Pauline, your best bet is to provide this information directly from within Outlook using the “smiley” button in the top-right corner.

      1. Sue Castle says:

        Hi Jason, There’s no smiley button in the top right corner of my outlook screen; just a speech bubble, a bell, a cog, a question mark and a person silhouette.

  2. Bruce Hagen says:

    We need to have the ability to have one click entry of multiple addresses in Contacts, i.e. groups. like previous versions of Outlook.


    1. Bruce, your best bet is to provide this feedback directly from within Outlook using the “smiley” button in the top-right corner.

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