Unified Outlook APIs for Office 365 & Outlook.com are here!

We are excited to announce Outlook REST APIs for mail, calendar, and contacts now support both Office 365 & Outlook.com! This single REST API endpoint https://outlook.office.com/api combined with a new app registration portal and v2.0 app model announced by the Azure Active Directory team, makes it very easy to build a single app that can be used by both Office 365 and Outlook.com users.

As previously announced, we are upgrading Outlook.com users to a new Office 365-based infrastructure. As users are upgraded, apps can use Outlook REST APIs to access these users’ mailboxes. This new platform will enable developers to reach 400 million monthly active Outlook.com users, in addition to tens of millions of Office 365 users. If your app utilizes both REST APIs and our add-in platform, you are all set as we also support Outlook Add-ins for Office 365 and Outlook.com users.

You will find more information in an overview of the Unified Outlook Service API and getting started instructions for multiple platforms at https://dev.outlook.com. Please note that the new OAuth endpoint is in preview and you can check here for details on what is and isn’t supported during Preview.

Please go ahead and try our REST APIs out and let us know your feedback by posting to UserVoice. The new API endpoint and app registration portal are a direct result of the feedback from our developer community. We look forward to seeing many awesome apps being built using the unified Outlook API endpoint to delight Office 365 & Outlook.com users!

Comments (9)

  1. Christoph says:


    What about file access to Sharepoint Online? Is this already possible or planed in the near future?

    beste regards


  2. @Christoph We are working on unification of SharePoint and OneDrive APIs. See blog.onedrive.com/preview-the-onedrive-api-for-work-and-life  for more details.  Please note the API mentioned in Ryan's blog post works with SharePoint online document libraries as well.

  3. Sarah Watts says:

    Why does my email show on the main screen Outlook Mail (Preview)? I can't get rid of it, but it is unfortunately hampering my ability to type in a saved contact and have their email pop up. So frustrating.

  4. Carlo Pires says:

    I'm starting a new app that will fetch mails from O365 accounts. It's to work as a multi tenant app. Should I start it with the preview API?

  5. PLEASEINGU says:

    HELP    i need help i am looked out just keeps asking me to verfy but i will not exsept it         my email is pleaseingu@hotmail.com

  6. Spencer says:

    We're starting to work on our app that will integrate both calendar and contact Outlook APIs with our software solution. Do you have an idea of when the V2.0 apis will be out of preview mode?

  7. Chuckie72 says:

    All I was hoping for was the ability to write a console application that would allow me to work with the user calendars (list the calendars and add/delete events from the calendars). In addition, to authorise my utility to send emails using their account (with SMTP host etc.).

    When I did a utility to work with Google API I was able to do a console app. I don’t want to have to write a Web App. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. You can totally write a console app to work with these APIs.

      1. Chuckie72 says:

        Hi Jason

        Great! I just can’t work out how. I do not find any console examples. Just web examples. I was hoping to use the same OAuth mechanism as I did for Google API.

        Can you please point me to an example for a console app that shows us how to list the calendars and add/remove from a respective calendar? Thank you.

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