New Exchange Interoperability Content on Open Specifications Developer Center

In November and December 2011, Exchange content made its debut on the Learn Open Specifications and Interoperability page in the Open Specifications Developer Center:

The updates include nine new Microsoft Exchange Learning Modules:

While you’re on the Learn tab exploring the new Exchange learning modules, don’t miss the Open Specifications Interactive Pivot, which also includes Exchange open specifications documents. We’re very excited about the Pivot, which makes it easy to find the open specifications documents you need in a visual, intuitive way. The Pivot uses Silverlight Deep zoom technology, which lets you visually search and filter the open specifications documents. Once you use it, you’ll see why we’re excited.

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  1. Nicholas Kreidberg says:

    Greetings!  I am going to have to write a web application that will enable users to book calendar events on our newly configured Exchange 2010 server.  Unfortunately using .net isn't an option so I am wondering if there is any documentation available for tapping into the Exchange 2010 API using PHP?  


  2. Michael Mainer says:


    Here is an article on how to use EWS with PHP:

    With regards,

    Michael Mainer


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