EWS Managed API 1.2 SDK – get ready, get set, plan

Are you ready? The EWS Managed API 1.2 documentation is now available, so let the preparation, planning, and architecting begin. The new EWS Managed API will have some updates that you may want to incorporate into your application. Take a look at the What’s New topic to learn more about the new content that is available to support the new EWS Managed API 1.2 functionality. Take a look at the Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.2 SDK topic to learn about the new EWS Managed API 1.2 functionality. 

Did you say “Where is the API download?” It’s coming soon. We are releasing the documentation earlier than usual so that you can get a jump on your planning for the next update of your EWS client application. So go have a feature review, maybe update your design specs, and get ready to implement your next update to your EWS client application.

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  1. Availability says:

    Hi Michael

    Is there already a timeframe when the release is ready?

  2. |Mike says:

    Will this be available as soon as exchange 2010 sp2 is available?

  3. Mike says:

    Which I noted is today

  4. Mike says:

    Is it OK to use 1.1 against exchnage 2010 sp2 while we wait

  5. @Mike – Yes, you can use 1.1 against Exchange 2010 SP2. You can use it against all versions of Exchange since 2007 with the understanding that not all the functionality in the EWS Managed API was implemented in the earlier Exchange versions.

    Regarding the time frame for the release of EWS Managed API 1.2, I can say it will be very soon.

  6. JH says:

    Will there be also new Java API 1.2 for this?

  7. Dominik says:

    Is the release date already known ?

  8. Alexander says:

    I don't understand this. Recently my EWS client application stopped working properly (actually yesterday) because of version mismatch exceptions being thrown left and right. I realized that apparently our corporate Exchange team has been deploying Exchange 2010 SP2. And the only thing I can find are documentations for EWS 1.2 but no actual API download available?

    This is poor planning.

  9. Gareth says:

    Any update on the release schedule for EWS Managed API v1.2 yet???

    Was originally supposed to be November…

  10. Stephan says:

    When will this be released?

    Does it matter that I use EWS API 1.1 against Exchange2010 SP2?? Or is that not going to work?

  11. Michael Teper says:

    The installers are out on MS Downloads. What's the ETA on the NuGet package?


  12. Estuardo says:

    Where can be it download?

  13. Basha_Clt says:

    Hi Michael,

    Will there be java 1.2 also?

  14. Getting ErrorItemPropertyRequestFailed error while Creating Attachment in restore using EWS says:


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