Supplemental Exchange Server Interoperability Guidance Now Available

The Exchange Interoperability documentation team is pleased to announce the launch of Exchange Server Interoperability Guidance that supplements the information available in the Microsoft Exchange Server protocol documentation and the Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook Standards documentation. Whether you’re an Exchange interoperability expert, just getting started, or somewhere in between, we’re confident that this supplemental information will be a valuable resource for you.

In the first article, Exploring the Microsoft Exchange Server Open Specifications, Kim Brandl reviews the types of protocols, structures, algorithms, and standards that the Microsoft Exchange Server Open Specifications define, discusses how to get started using the specifications, explores the kinds of content that you’ll find in the various types of specifications, and addresses some key points to help you derive the maximize benefit from the specifications. Check out Exploring the Microsoft Exchange Server Open Specifications now, and stay tuned for additional technical articles coming soon!

Kim Brandl
Exchange Interoperability
Microsoft Corporation

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