Get Into Programming with Exchange Online as part of Office 365

Microsoft Exchange Online as part of Microsoft Office 365 provides many of the same app-development capabilities that are available for Microsoft Exchange Server running on-site. The Exchange Developer Documentation team is pleased to announce the release of a new Exchange Online Developer Center page that will be your portal for information about Exchange Online development.

If you’re not quite up to the rock-star level as an Exchange programmer, or if Exchange Online is the only flavor of Exchange you’ve ever known, this is the place for you! And even if you’re already an experienced Exchange developer, we want to make it really easy to use that Exchange knowledge as you create apps for the Cloud.

Along with the new Exchange Online page, we have an article to help you get started writing apps that use Exchange Web Services (EWS) and EWS Managed API. This article explains the important first steps to get things running smoothly and quickly.

We have more articles coming in the near future, including one about configuring and using Exchange Autodiscover, so come back to the site often to find new information. We plan to provide great information for programming with Exchange Online for all types of developers, from experienced corporate and ISV developers to total newbies.

A bunch of articles, of course, can’t tell the whole story. As the Office 365 Beta progresses, and as the service officially becomes available, we’ll continue posting articles, blog posts, podcasts, and even videos. Because we know you’ll have questions, the writing team will also be helping out in the forums.

We look forward to hearing from you more than ever, and to helping your Exchange development projects succeed.

Best regards to our new and current readers,


Thom Randolph
Exchange Developer Documentation
Microsoft Corporation

Comments (3)

  1. Kevin Ramsaur says:

    What is the status of the Java API for EWS?  

  2. Shafqat Ali says:

    I am new to exchange developement. I want to post all emails read from my gmail inbox into my office365 account. Can any give me idea how to post email in office365 account using exchange online SDK ?

    Thanks in advance.

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