Exchange Web Services Java API 1.1 is now available. Yes, that’s right, Java!

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce the public availability of the Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) Java API 1.1. The final package was posted this past weekend for download. This package offers the same functionality that our EWS Managed API 1.1 for the Microsoft .NET Framework offers.  During the course of development, we’ve had internal and external users working with beta drops of this API.  There is a lot of excitement about it, and now we’re happy to finally offer it to everyone.

This API was developed in order to facilitate Exchange development on other platforms. It has been over a year in development, and it is our first release of a package that includes source code. Although the source is viewable, our licensing for this iteration does not allow for modification of the source code. It can be used to build against a particular JRE or JDK, but the license agreement only allows the object code to be shared in your application. We took this approach because we’re keeping the releases in sync with our Exchange versions. The 1.1 release corresponds to Exchange 2010 SP1. 

We’re looking forward to what the future holds for client development on other platforms. 

We encourage you to develop your Exchange client on other platforms now, and would like to hear about your projects.

Michael Mainer
Exchange SDK and Interoperability
Microsoft Corporation

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  1. Alex Young says:

    The release seems to have disappeared from the linked page. Is it available elsewhere?

  2. Vijay says:

    From where can we download the release. Can you please point to the URL from where we can download the release. ASAP… plzzzzz

  3. VivansaRai says:

    Hup.. cant find one release on 🙁

  4. Kevin Ramsaur says:

    Michael – What happened to this release?  Can you provide us an update?

  5. Ajay KR says:

    Does EWS Java API 1.1 uses the same web service behind the scenes?

  6. Michael says:

    Yes, the EWS Java API does use the same Web service.

  7. Jaga says:

    Michael -does API handles Voting options?

  8. Nipun says:

    Is this release compatible with android?

  9. Raul Agrait says:

    I second Nipun's comment, Android compatibility would be very beneficial. Specifically, the 1.1 version seems to assume the javax XML libraries which are not included with Android, and are not <understatement>easily</understatement> integrated into an Android project

  10. Jaidermes Nebrijo Duarte says:

    Does It possible to know with this API if a person has read an email sent through a email server?. I need to be able to extract this statistics. Does it possible?

  11. Firefly says:

    Since * does not exist anymore, is the download available somewhere else?

  12. Ahmet says:

    İ cant resolve names like in outlook

  13. Ajit says:

    Can we use this API for exchange server 2007 ? I found document clearly says to use in exchange server 2010, just wanted to make sure if I can use it in 2007.

  14. Simon says:

    There are two APIs for different version of Exchange servers and Office 365:

  15. Natural Mystic says:

    Can you have more than one instance of ExchangeService running at the same time in the same VM?


    [Michael Mainer] – You can have more than one ExchangeService instance running on a single logical server. Just make sure that you use only one ExchangeService object per calling accounts.

  16. Matthias Marchart says:

    Hi Michael,

    What about the support of

    * Exchange 2010 SP2

    What is the timeline for updating the java-api?

    "We took this approach because we’re keeping the releases in sync with our Exchange versions. The 1.1 release corresponds to Exchange 2010 SP1."

  17. Johannes Kienzle says:

    Are there any plans to further support and/or update this API? Its future seems uncertain and we would rather not build on a library that is not being developed any further.

    Alternatively, opening up the license a bit for us to enhance it ourselves would be nice.

    [Michael Mainer] Yes, the EWS Java API will be updated. I agree, I'd like the community to be able to adopt this API so that it could be updated in better step with the service. Can you elaborate on the license issue?

  18. John H says:

    @Johannes completely agree.  does anyone know if this actively being developed?


    [Michael Mainer] – I've recently learned that the EWS Java API is being updated and will be released at some point in the future. I don't have a date for you. 

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