The Exchange 2010 Beta SDKs are Here!

The Exchange Developer Documentation team is happy to announce the release of the Exchange 2010 Beta SDKs.  That's right, I said SDKs -- as in, more than one!  For earlier product releases, all Exchange developer documentation is included in a single SDK. For Exchange 2010, documentation for each technology area is published in a separate SDK, making it quicker and easier for you to find information that you need. The following SDKs are available online for Exchange 2010 Beta:

The Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.0 SDK is also available online, and contains information that can help you use EWS to develop applications for Exchange 2007 SP1 or Exchange 2010.

To learn more about the new features for developers in Exchange 2010 Beta and the new SDKs, check out Thom Randolph's article Introducing the Exchange 2010 Beta SDKs. Also, be sure to review the Guide to Exchange 2010 Development Technologies, which explains the organization of the SDKs and contains information about the development technologies that are supported in Exchange 2010. Get going today and take advantage of the many cool new features available in Exchange 2010 Beta!

Comments (4)

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  2. James says:

    Will the Encoding and decoding APIs Available in Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll in Exchange 2007 still be available.  They are very useful for Foreign Connector development.  If so, are there any major changes required to port Ex 2007 foreign connectors to Ex 2010?

  3. RobertK. says:

    Is there a way to Programmatically activate a users exchange account??? We are moving from GroupWise to Exchange hosted services.  And the process to activate is a bit difficult for average users.  Can this process be automated via some SDK? and if yes, where is that SDK?

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