Exchange Web Services Push Notifications Simplified

Using Exchange Web Services push notifications just got a lot easier, thanks to Exchange Server MVP Henning Krause. Henning has created a notification listener project on CodePlex. The listener application handles Exchange Web Services push notifications. The listener uses the WCF service model, and does not rely on IIS. Check it out, provide some feedback,…


The December SDK is Here!

I am happy to announce that the December 2008 release of the Exchange Server 2007 SP1 SDK is available. And now, a Haiku for you. Released new content.Updated topics for you.Go get the goods here.


MAPI documentation moved to Office

Just a quick note to all you fans of MAPI out there. Based on some discussions we had a while ago, the folks in Office have been putting a LOT of time and effort into improving the MAPI material, and bringing it up-to-date for Office 2007. Well, they’ve finished their work, and the improvements are…