BizTalk 2009/VS 2008 Creating project ‘project name’… project creation failed.

Just a quick post.  I hit this on my machine today whilst writing a quick sample.  When creating a BizTalk Project I got Creating project ‘project name’… project creation failed in the VIsual Studio dialog bottom left of the screen.  Changing the reg key referenced by Guru/Vinay in the BizTalk CPR blog fixes it 



"PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj"   - Original VS install reg value. "PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj;btproj" - Post Biztalk installation reg value

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  1. amithkumar_k1982 says:

    Hi Ewan,

    Let me introduce my self to you, I am Amith Kumar from Bangalore, India.

    I am very interested in learning Biztalk, Please help me in providing guidence to start learning this subject and to become expert like you.

    Please consider me has your student for this subject.

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    Thanks and regards,

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  2. Daniel Lilliehöök says:

    Thanks, excellent help!

  3. Srikumar Anantharaman says:

    I was running a loop of repairing BTS2009 Repair and VS2008 repair untill I saw this post. Updating "PossibleProjectExtensions"="csproj;btproj" solved the problem. And thanks for the extra tip on the 64 bit location.

  4. Bp says:

    thanks it worked for me

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