Microsoft Kicks Off Cloud Fundamentals Video Series


Cloud computing is gaining more and more ground each and every day, and there are many solutions users can choose from.

Among them, there are those coming from Microsoft, which is focused on ensuring that its cloud products offer the features and capabilities that people are looking for.

Companies are interested in enhanced security when cloud computing is involved, and also want to benefit from reduced costs, features that Microsoft’s Cloud service offerings can deliver.

The Redmond-based company is set to provide more info on what its cloud offering is all about, and has just kicked off a new series of videos aimed exactly at this.

This is a “series of videos focused on sharing some of the things we are learning from our customers on Cloud security, privacy and reliability,” Microsoft explains.

In these videos, currently only two available, both embedded at the bottom of this article, you will see Microsoft’s senior leaders responsible for managing Microsoft’s Cloud services talking about some of the most important aspects that customers are interested in.

The first video of the series went live last week, offering an overview of what the Cloud Fundamentals Video Series aims at achieving, while the second, published today, already brings to the spotlight some issues of interest, such as carbon footprint reduction.

“The second video in Trustworthy Computing’s Cloud Fundamentals video series is now available and I invite you to watch it. In this video you’ll see John Howie, who helps to manage the security for Microsoft’s cloud services, discuss business agility,” Tim Rains, Director, Trustworthy Computing, explains.

He also notes that people interested in the matter can head over to the Trustworthy Computing blog on MSDN to stay up to date with various topics related to cloud security, privacy and reliability. More videos will be added to the said Cloud Fundamentals series regularly, Rains adds.




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