Azure Event Hubs now live on new Azure portal!

We are excited to launch the public preview of Azure Event Hubs as a new service on the Azure portal. With this launch you will also experience the namespace spilt and will now be creating event hub entities under Azure Event Hubs service.

Here’s how you get started in creating an Event Hub in the new portal

Click on New -> and type Event Hubs in the search box. Or click New -> Internet of Things -> Event Hubs

Create EH

You can now see what each pricing tier offers, including the price. ‘Loading pricing’ - of course, we’d want you to check out the portal yourself for the best price!


You can now create a support ticket on the portal page itself!

EH Support

A neat feature is – at any time, you can move your Event Hub to a different subscription or resource group allowing fine-grained control over your billing and resource organization!

Move Resource

You can also set the properties for your Event Hubs or scale your throughputs or change your pricing tier. Event Hubs on the new Azure portal offers you more flexibility with fewer clicks.

If you have been creating Event hub entities along with Queues and Topics under the Messaging namespace type, you will not find these event hubs in the new Azure portal. You will need to recreate these event hubs to migrate to the new portal. We will be supporting mixed entities (event hubs, queues and topics under Messaging namespace type) in the classic Azure portal but not for long. Our suggestion for you is to migrate while we continue to support.

By separating the services, we aim to provide better performance, scale better and simplify your service usage experience.

We would love to hear your feedback and address your questions.

Leave us a comment down here!

Enjoy your new experience!

Comments (7)
  1. Arunkumar Kumaresan says:

    Great to see Service Bus getting better UX capabilities!
    “You can also set the properties for your Event Hubs or scale your partitions” – does it mean We can increase the partitions with new portal or just throughput units as usual? I tried creating event hubs both in Basic and Standard tiers. Was unable to increase the partition count. Looks like We still need to approach Microsoft Support to change this.

    1. Hi Arunkumar – You are correct, we still do not offer the option of changing partition counts because of the implications this has on our service. Glad to see you like the UI otherwise!

  2. David Jensen says:

    Will there be a release of Service Bus powershell cmdlets that leverage the ARM model anytime soon?

    1. Hi David – We are actively developing PowerShell cmdlets that will work with the ARM model. Please check back at this blog for an announcement.

  3. Where is the send event in the rest api?
    Its in classic but not the current version

    1. Look for an update on that MSDN page in the next day or two. We had these things mis-organized. The runtime API is actually separate, and not related to the management API’s.

      1. Austin Peterson says:

        John, I have not seen an update to this page ( Can you point me in the correct direction?

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