Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 1 – Release Candidate Documents updated

I just uploaded new versions of the docs that make up our guide. No major changes, but some wordsmithing and professional graphics. I do enjoy doing the whiteboard like graphics, and we have kept that spirit in the guide, but we have them redone professionally by a graphics designer. So you will see this:  …

Windows Azure Guidance – Failure recovery – Part III (Small tweak, great benefits)

In the previous post, my question was about a small change in the code that would yield a big improvement. The answer is:   What changed? No try / catch We reversed the order of writes: first we write the details, then we write the “header” or “master” record for the expense. If the last…


Windows Azure Guidance – Failure recovery and data consistency – Part II

I had some great answers on my previous post question, like Simone’s. Some where closer than others, but in general you got it right, Thanks! The recovery strategy depicted there assumes that all failures are external. That is, writing to a table fails, for example, and you have a chance to run the clean up…


Windows Azure Guidance – Part I in a single picture

What’s covered in this first part of the Windows Azure Architecture Guide? Here’s a picture inspired in our previous guide style:   And remember, this is the first guide on a series that we have planned. In the next couple of weeks we will start sharing more broadly what we are thinking for Part II.


Windows Azure Guidance – Additional notes on failure recovery on Windows Azure

Things will eventually fail in your application and you need to be prepared. So most components should be designed for something going wrong and recover gracefully (or as gracefully as possible) and leaving the system in a consistent state (eventually in some cases). In this post I wrote about dealing with data consistency when interacting…


Continuation Tokens in Windows Azure Tables – Back and Previous paging

Scott has published the results of his “Continuation Token” spike, which is a critical aspect of dealing with queries against Windows Azure tables storage. His findings will make it to the guide, but you can read the essentials here. The unusual thing that you’ll see in his article is that it shows a way of…

Windows Azure Guidance – New Code & Doc drop on CodePlex

We are almost content complete for our first Windows Azure Architecture Guide (the most probable name for our book). Available for download today: New updated samples, including all file processing and background tasks (lot’s of small nuggets in there, such as use of multiple tasks in a single Worker, continuation tokens, data model optimization, etc)….