Authentication in WP7 client with REST Services–Part I

In the last drop, we included a sample that demonstrates how to secure a REST web service with ACS, and a client calling that service running in a different security realm: In this case, ACS is the bridge between the WS-Trust/SAML world (Litware in the diagram) and the REST/SWT side (Adatum’s a-Order app) This is…


Exploring the Service Provider track – Fabrikam Shipping Part II (Solution)

Now that we presented the scenario & the requirements, let’s take a look at the solution. What is conceptual solution we propose? Fabrikam Shipping in the pre-Claims era: This diagram shows Fabrikam Shipping today if used by Adatum (no claims, no federation): You will see the usual suspects for a typical .NET web application. Furthermore,…


Architecting Cloud Applications for the Enterprise – Part I – Introducing the Actors

I will start this series by introducing the main characters of our scenario. First, we have VeryBigCorp. VBC is a large corporation, with multiple branches and subsidiaries, thousands of employees, etc. VBC is the typical organization with a rather complex business environment: multiple business units, complex rules, regulations, etc.   VBC IT department is a reflection…


Claim based security made easy

When we implemented claim based authorization in LitwareHR, we had to write a lot of code and play with non-trivial configurations (LitwarehR includes 2 STS and all the supporting infrastructure for securing the web services and the callers to them). Not being a security expert myself, I found the “theory” behind this amazingly simple and…


Another SSDS sample: BlogEngine.NET on SSDS

As a by-product of a project I’m working on, I’ve got a working version of BlogEngine.NET on SSDS. You can download the provider and other related components from LitwareHR’s web site releases section here. In the package you will find: The SSDS based BlogProvider An SSDS based Membership & Role Providers for the web site…


LitwareHR on SSDS available for download

The latest version of LitwareHR is now available for download here. From our CodePlex site: This new enhanced version of LitwareHR includes the following new features: Upgraded codebase for SQL Server Data Services support New "DataModel" New infrastructure for data access to SSDS (including caching, cross-container search, offline development, etc.) New UX Better graphics and…


Fun with GeoRSS, Virtual Earth and WCF Syndication

WCF Syndication APIs are great. In just a couple of hours I wrote a simple GeoRSS feed, a fairly high level library to encapsulate the details of common entities (lines, points, polygons), all unit tests and a mashup with VE to test it. I only encountered a couple of incompatibilities and problems (mainly related to…


Hosting LitwareHR on a Service Delivery Platform – A case study – Part I (The Scenario)

In its current version, LitwareHR is focused very much on the challenges an ISV faces while building a SaaS delivered app: multi-tenancy, configurability, etc. In the last few weeks I’ve been working on exploring the implications of hosting LitwareHR on a hypothetical hosting platform. The goal was to twofold: identify changes that have to be made in…


Workshop sold out!

The upcoming workshop on the WCSF next March 12th. is sold out. If you are still interested in participating please contact me through this blog and I will put you in our waiting list.   We normally have some late cancellations, so you might be able to make it. Thanks a look forward to seeing you!