Tailspin Surveys Mobile – An early screenshot

Our dev team is fearlessly building the first versions Tailspin Surveys Mobile. Here’s an early example of their work: Now we are talking, huh?


Tailspin Surveys–Windows Phone 7 edition–A guide to the Guide

  As adopted in all our recent guides, here’s a quick map for the entire “Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide” . No promises of course on the final scope. We might end up merging some chapters, deleting some other, etc. But this is our current intent. Feedback very welcome!


Tailspin Surveys–Windows Phone 7– UI Mockups

Here’re some initial sketches of how Tailspin would look like and the navigation patterns we want to implement: Navigation: Home will list all available surveys to this particular user. Take Survey, allows to start one particular survey from the home page. Many can be taken at the same time. Survey Details shows metadata about a…


What’s next? Tailspin goes mobile…

Now that the Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 2 is “done” (Done = content is complete and production is taking place. Production = index, covers, PDF conversion, etc), our team is ready for the next adventure. Our fictitious ISV, Tailspin, is very innovative and wants to stay on the latest and greatest. Now they…


Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 2 – Saving surveys in Tailspin

As I wrote in my previous post, different sites in TailSpin have different scalability needs. The public site, where customers complete surveys, would probably have need to scale to a large number of users. The first consequence in the design is the separation of this website into a specific web role in Windows Azure. In…