LitwareHR – Smart Client – Architecture Overview – Part II – Use of LitwareHR On-Line Services

One of the reasons building LitwareHR-SC was fairly easy to do, was because of the Non-Functional On-Line Services. By non-functional services, I mainly mean the metadata API exposed by LitwareHR that allows anybody to introspect into the customized details of a specific tenant instance of the application: entity metadata, views, styles, etc. For example, the TenantBrandingService uses the GetConfiguredStyle method to retrieve…


LitwareHR-Smart Client – Architecture Overview – Part I

The implementation of LitwareHR-SC is fairly straight forward. Especially if you are familiar with CAB and SC-SF. When you open LitwareHR-SC solution you will see a number of projects: Infrastructure.Interface (to share common definitions like command names, constants, etc.) Infrastructure.Layout (to encapsulate the screen real estate into different workspaces)  Infrastructure.Library (a set of commonly used helper functions) …


Test Post – LitwareHR Smart Client – End to end demo

I’m still working on the audio, but I wanted to share the video at least of an end-to-end demo of LitwareHR Smart Client. Also a good excuse to test the Silverlight plug-in for Live Writer by James Clarke. What you’ll see: Folder structure (especially for dependencies) Project structure (what does what) Provisioning a new Tenant using Litware…


LitwareHR Smart Client beta released!

Update: I just posted the release bits with minor things adjusted. The first release of LitwareHR Smart Client is available for download from CodePlex here. We are calling it a “beta” because there are still a few things we are working on, but I believe you will find the sample useful and usable. The simplest way…


My new role and responsibilities in Microsoft

I have just joined the Software as a Service (SaaS) group in the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team. I will miss my team at patterns & practices very much. It’s been quite a journey. For the next month or so, I will continue to work with patterns & practices mainly on the planning of our next wave of client side…


Our plans for Smart Client Software Factory

Blaine, our team’s PM, has started a blog. And what would be better than starting it with the plans for the Smart Client Software Factory. More here:


Announcement: Web Client Software Factory Workshop

The Client Team at patterns & practices will be hosting a 2 days, instructor-led training event covering the recently released Web Client Software Factory. When? Monday, March 12th – Tuesday, March 13th Where? Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA. Who should attend? Anyone interested in jumpstarting their adoption of the Factory as the underlying architecture for…


Be a good CodePlex citizen. Vote!

A feature I really miss in CodePlex wiki is the ability to embed a video. It is possible to link to a video or upload one, but there’s no wiki markup for an embedded player like what you see in Channel9 or YouTube  Help us pass the bill in the CodePlex senate by voting for this item…


Highly recommended training on CAB & SCSF

Again, for those of you looking for a deep dive into CAB & SCSF with a true expert, this is one of the best training courses I’ve seen. March 2007 is the next edition. Details here:


Last post of the year – We move!

Our communities have a new, big home; so update your bookmarks and favorites: The GotDotNet hosted sites (CAB, SCSF, MCSF, Updater, Offline) are all going to be moved to this CodePlex, including all the existing forum threads and content. We believe that this consolidation of related resources and the new CodePlex cool features (existing and planned) will…